The Cosplayers Of San Diego Comic-Con 2011

This is a gallery of the cosplaying ladies from this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con.

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Miiikeyyy2309d ago

Whoop Mileena and Harley Quinn Cosplay!

Dart892309d ago

I'll take Mileena and Psylocke to bed anytime:D.

AntoineDcoolette2309d ago

I'd like an order of breast with 2 thighs

tigertron2309d ago

Agree if you clicked on this because of the pic.

Miiikeyyy2309d ago

It was Mileena cosplay, course I'm ganna click!

The EDGE2309d ago

she does have a nice set of hooters

sickbird2309d ago

cosplays are the nerdiest shit. its pathetic.

Kakihara2309d ago

It's a pastime people enjoy that despite not fitting into the mainstream human being's shallow definition of 'cool' doesn't actually affect you in any real way. If you can't get past that you can't have been a gamer for long. Also, tits.

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