The Amazing Fall 2011 Lineup, A Breakdown

As the Fall season creeps upon us, a load of hype creeps right along with it. Take a look as week break down the deserving and the not so deserving in this Fall 2011 Lineup Guide.

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Sharkizzle2576d ago

Ha, fantastic article! He has an amazing sense of humor! And his opinions are great too!

Rdawg000142576d ago

Wow, this was a really good read! Its really true, this fall season is going to be a crazy time for the everyday gamer. Almost like an early Christmas. Its hard to tell what I will be picking up and what I will have to wait on. Uncharted 3 is a must, and maybe a few others. But yeah, overall great article.

Mike_Tha_Hero2576d ago

Yeah there's some pretty sweet games coming out this fall...idk if I can afford everything. I'M GOING BROKE.

Kran2576d ago

Dear Wallets,

Say goodbye to your insides.


iDotDotDot2576d ago

I agree with that one, Preordering everything and getting it day 1

Sharkizzle2576d ago

I will be picking up a number of these day one!

Jirachi2576d ago

Amazing indeed out of the entire list i only saw 2 games i don't want

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