EA Causing Digital Distribution War? writes: EA have been talking about change a lot recently - we've heard their thoughts on the 5 year console cycle, their excitement for the Wii U and not to mention that they've been buying up every successful mobile developer they can get their hands on. Another sector that EA seem intent on changing is digital distribution; the gaming powerhouse launched their own platform dubbed Origin just last month, and already it's causing controversy between its major rival Steam.

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GSpartan7772546d ago

I wouldn't call it so much a war, rather them just trying to push their platform, which I don't think they are in the wrong. Although some of the things they have said about Valve are pretty bullshit, but others such as patching and delivering exclusive content are true.

BlackKnight2546d ago

I don't mind if they want to try and make their own "platform". However, the issue I have is not letting their game (or certain versions of it) go to certain competitors OR holding back DLC from certain competitors as a way to anti-competitively force the consumer to get a lesser version (or no version at all) of a product if they DON'T buy from them.


BattleAxe2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

I'm on Steam's side with this, and heres why, EA wants to deliver content through its own delivery service within their games, so why is this a bad thing? Well if you bought the PC version of an EA game called Burnout: Paradise, you will see that EA shut down the in-game store for that game, so now you're not able to purchase any of the add-on content for the PC version.

Now what I like about the PS3, 360 and Steam, is that the DLC is always available no matter what. I actually just recently bought the PS3 version of Burnout: Paradise on sale for $7.99 on the PSN, and unlike the PC version, I was able to buy all the add-on content which I bought directly from the Playstation Store. This is why I'm not supporting EA on this one. I know that if you go into the Steam Forums in the Burnout forum section, people are really mad that EA just all of a sudden decided not to sell the DLC, and customers feel cheated because of that. If you put a game out on an distribution service, you should have to continue support for the game or just stop selling it all together, and I think this ia what Steam is pissed off about because it pisses their customers off, and then they have to deal with all of the complaints for something that EA did.

ilikegam3s2546d ago

Steam will always win.. BF3 alone won't really help, but still that sucks that EA made it only downloadable from Origin.

caboose322546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Well you can get BF3 on any other digital distribution platform, probably just not steam for whatever reason.

stevenhiggster2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Indeed, It's because Steam have a policy whereby they won't sell a product if there is exclusive DLC that their customers cannot get.
They are trying to protect their customers, but in the end no one is really winning here. EA will lose potential sales, Steam will lose potential revenue and it just inconveniences the consumers.

Inside_out2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Everything was fine UNTIL EA got involved and now they are trying to muscle there way to the top...typical EA.

Look how, with MOH and Battlefield 3 they are doing the same thing by trying to squeeze COD...boy, did that blow up in their ugly faces and now they have had to run with their tails between their legs to the safety, a short time, of a October launch date. COD Elite also destroyed EA's hope of ever being a contender. Back to the drawing board scrubs.

EA and the industry have decided that PRIVATELY owned Valve is the see, Valve can sell the games at whatever price they want, they don't answer to NO ONE, least of all the shareholders. Valve will ALWAYS have better deals than EA. Gamestop is in on the gang up as are others. Valve has had it good for to long and now they will have to fight it out...lucky for them, they have some outstanding IP's and you watch, they will launch them all now.

EA is the most dangerous company out there. There is a lot of money waiting to be invested since the collapse of 2008...that's what this is all about...shareholders dollars, they want them ALL. Activision-Blizzard has been spectacular...EA wants in. EA is showing the world right now with their pay passes and ideas of charging for demos that they will DO anything to get the money. If you buy an EA product, your supporting these crooks and it's going to get a lot worse.

btw...COD will be on Steam, not on to go EA nimrods, no competition for COD. I'm sure Activision will find a way to sweeten the Steam deal.

Aysir2546d ago

Valve want a cut from DLC sold in games on Steam - that's basically what it comes down to. EA is not the bad guy here. They didn't pull their games from anywhere except Steam because Steam had an issue with DLC revenue going elsewhere without being able to take their cut. Origin is needed because no one else is big enough to give Steam competition on that front.
Oh yeah and @inside_out - let's see Activision Blizzard help games like Shadows of the Damned and Alice get released - games without franchise prospects. Games like Brutal Legend and Deathspank.
Steam aren't the problem, but their majority of DD sales is unaccetable for a competetive market. The only trouble is that Valve still has sychophants like you that will back them no matter what. Steam wasn't without its problems when it launched. Hell I refused to play HL2 when it launched because of the restrictive activation crap. I still have issues with being forced to tie down physical games to a single user account on steam.

aliengmr2546d ago

Where are all the EA sycophants defending poor EA? Exactly.

Origin is needed why exactly? Better prices and service for consumers? EA doesn't have better prices and service remains to be seen. People keep saying Steam needs to have a competitor but why?

Are you honestly saying that Origin is better than Steam?

That fact that Valve has sycophants to be with should tell you a lot about how they have treated their customers over the years. I'm really eager to see EA do better but I have my doubts.

Persistantthug2546d ago

So what that EA wants to open a new what?

If a new grocery store wants to open up to give my local Safeway a run for it's money....great....good for me.

You act as though Steam didn't suck when it came out and didn't GROW itself into what it is today.

Most things that start out suck when they first start out.

Today's lesson:
More stores the better, aliengmr.

krazykombatant2546d ago

Other than Crysis 2 and DA2: DLC legacy, does anyone give a shit?

seriously the mayority of people hated DA2, and while crysis was good, the multiplayer is dead from what I gather, so why in the hell are these articles popping up?? 2 games not in steam. Don't like it oh well.. you can still GET OUT OF THE HOUSE and buy it at a store (sure not the dlc). but oh well.

Persistantthug2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

MASS EFFECT 3, or STAR WARS TOR, and since Valve-STEAM are some peoples religion, they are crying that they have to enter "the devil's" temple for worship.


I think it's pretty funny, myself.

delicious tears make me laugh. lol

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