3 Reasons to Stop Whining About Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Original Gamer: "Last week’s announcement of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was followed by a wave of criticism from many gamers all across these internets. Many were upset of the timing, others were still reeling about the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3, and the rest were simply not bright enough to research the situation so they decided to follow the herd."

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EYEamNUMBER12581d ago

hes right lets stop complaining about UMVC3 lets save the complaints for Super Marvel VS Capcom 3 Ultimate edition which will be releasing 6 months from now

armycore2581d ago

It's funny cause it's true.

Brian52472581d ago

It's also funny because Capcom haters will still go out and piss their money away on it.

Yi-Long2581d ago

... would have skipped the first installment of MvC3, because they already knew a version like this, which would have all the DLC included on the disc, would eventually happen...

So instead of spending about a 100 bucks on the first game plus all DLC, you now get to spend about 30-40 bucks on the complete package...

...and yeah, you're probably better off waiting AGAIN in case they continue with more DLC....

rjgbyrne2581d ago

I won't, traded all Capcom games in already. Got some use of out them, tripe, would rather not get ripped by such a crap company. Am sure lots of others will do the same, can play emu's of the good ole days and forget they ever existed. If you support this form of double dipping and extortionate DLC pricing then by all means, you have more money than me... buy away. Marvel haven't done anything good with their franchises either, Batman Arkham City will do me fine :) and until then MK or B:AA. So long Capcom, it was good while it lasted(and you got greedy, like a long term gf)!

dericb112581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Here is my take on how they should sell this. If you have a copy of MvC3, Capcom should allow you to send the game to them and receive a voucher for $15-$20 off UMvC3 and maybe give you a Super Voucher with all the retail DLC.

This would make the game $20-$25 for early adopters and would clean up the mess they would cause having the same game out with slight tweaks to it. Websites feel free to steal my idea :)

oldfriend862581d ago

I think people who bought the first game have a legitimate excused to be PO'd at Ultimate.

Of course, you should have known by now that you'd be screwed over in some way, once you buy a Capcom game.

Hicken2581d ago

Those reasons are rather stupid.

Reason 1: It may not be for you.
Um, I think the only ones that are complaining are the ones the game was made for: the fans.

Reason 2: Mega Man Excuse.
One of their most beloved characters has two of his own games canceled, and his appearance in a Capcom title scrapped. Why would that NOT be a reason to complain?

Reason 3: It's Been Done Before.
And, apparently, that makes it okay... no, it doesn't. Driving drunk once doesn't make it okay the second or third time. It's just as wrong, and just as stupid.

armycore2581d ago

- Just because you're a "fan" doesnt mean you're going to buy an update. I know fans that didnt by the DLC characters. People take the game seriously and others like having it around.

- Because there are characters from the Mega Man series there and Mega Man has always sucked as a character. If you have a total hard-on for Mega Man, then ok you will be pissed no matter what, but dont be so quick to use that excuse unless you're one that NO MATTER WHAT will play Mega Man.

- Yeah cause updates to game = possibly killing yourself an innocent people. Great example. It happened before with Super Street Fighter 4 and those that wanted it, bought it and loved it. Those that refused, well they refused. Point is, it was a great update to the game.

You're hatred over Capcom has clearly gone to a point where reason doesnt matter.

Hicken2581d ago

YOU'RE clearly not using reason.

Being a fan certainly doesn't mean you're going to buy an update. But it means you should be understandably upset when you spend big bucks on a collector's edition that's then rendered obsolete by the company's newest offering, especially given that you can't "upgrade" without disregarding your original.

Anybody can "suck" as a character. There are people who love Mega Man just as there are those who love Jill, or Wolverine. MvC is as much about your team as about an individual character, and Mega Man was a part of some people's preferred teams. Naturally, then, they're gonna be bothered. (Also, you noticeably didn't mention anything about the fact that the Blue Bomber has been treated poorly in recent times by Capcom.)

I've gotten in a car before after having a little too much to drink. Not so much I couldn't safely drive, but even I was aware that my abilities were impaired. It was a stupid thing to do, and I've taken care to never do it again, despite the fact that no one was actually in any danger. The parallel here is doing something you know is wrong and stupid, and doing it anyway, and then learning nothing from last time.

Yes, I've started to hate Capcom. They've earned, it, too, by stacking mistake upon mistake, and treating it like it's alright.

armycore2581d ago

- MvC3 doesnt stop working after UMvC3 comes out. If I decide not to buy Olbivion GOTY with all the extras, that doesnt mean that my Oblivion game is not worth a damn anymore. This is not just a quick DLC update, these are major changes and an overhaul to the game.

- Mega Man was never a part of "preferred teams" in MvC2. And the people that are using the Mega Man excuse, I'm willing to bet are not these people that used Mega Man all the time because he made up their dynamic team. As for Mega Man being treated badly by Capcom, which is a really disturbing way of putting it, that's a concern where you can hate on Capcom, but not UMvC3. It's not like the two were related in some giant conspiracy.

- Thanks for sharing that youve done some drunk driving before. Again, your example is simply ridiculous. as for your parallel, Super Street Fighter 4 was not wrong or stupid. If anything, it helped make the fighting game scene BIGGER because of how splintered the Street Fighter players were with those only playing arcade and those wanting to play just console. It brought them together with one game. There was nothing dumb about doing it, and saying otherwise shows a lack of insight in the fighting game genre.

Once again, you have the hate, so nothing will change your mind.

hazelamy2581d ago

"MvC3 doesnt stop working after UMvC3 comes out"
in a way it does.
because if you've got the original, you wont be able to play online with the people who buy ultimate.
the online community for MVC will drop off until you're forced to buy the new one if you want to keep playing against other people, which is pretty essential for any beat em up.

if they'd made it a dlc update everybody would have been able to keep playing.

it's amazing, how dlc's the way forward but then they decide to switch to a disc release to blackmail people into buying virtually the same game again.

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