Are Left 4 Dead Developers Assisting the Creation of DotA 2

According to the latest Tweets by the official Valve's Left 4 Dead profile, developers behind zombie slaying game are assisting on creation of DotA's Match Making Service

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bangoskank2573d ago

Some of us are unfamiliar with acronyms. I had to do a google search to figure out what DotA is.

NuclearDuke2573d ago

Defense of the Ancients (Warcraft III Custom Map) most famous developer Icefrog has been hired by Valve to create DOTA2. It may not be named Defense of the Ancients, as everything created in the WC3 map editor is Blizzard property and thus it's DOTA2 with no "acronym" attached to it.

You must be a console player, not very familiar with PC gaming, as this game goes across, from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos to StarCraft II, played by millions, most likely numbers comparable to World of Warcraft across the world.

It's the combination of Hero Arena & Aeon of Strife(AoS) custom maps and the bringer of a new genre to the table which Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends and others are a part of.

bangoskank2573d ago

Yes, I am a console gamer. I used to game on my PC way back in the day grew tired of installation issues, glitches, and upgrading my computer whenever it became obsolete. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

-X-2573d ago

Man I really hope this game is good. I want DotA 2 too destroy League of Legends. I played LoL it really was a fun game, but the community is horrible, and the server are eve worse. I hate how riot games don't even pay attention to the people at all.

Takoulya2572d ago

I personally never had troubles with the servers. I have seen people get kicked out, but I've never even had a hint of lag when I play.

2573d ago
Rivitur2573d ago

Silly Valve this is misleading as Turtle rock studios made left 4 dead and vale made left 4 dead 2 and somewhat helped on part 1. Its the reason for bringing the original maps to l4d2 to erase application existance of l4d2 as Turtle Rock is now signed to THQ.

Pandamobile2569d ago

When L4D was released, Turtle Rock was part of Valve.