Battlefield 3 - PC & Console Differences (or lack thereof)

(Opinion Piece) MMGN writes: Yes, it has been Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 overkill over the past few months, but as two of the biggest games of the year, they definitely deserve the coverage.

Much of the coverage has been on the competition, be it Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, or the PC vs. Console debate raging among the Battlefield crowd.

This time, instead of just throwing some assumptions to the wind, it's probably better to take a look at just how different the PC and console versions of Battlefield 3 will be, based on Dice's own details regarding the two versions.

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Septic2463d ago

Better visuals

More players (larger maps)

Faster fps.

That's it I think.

Brosy2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

I'll be getting it for 360 regardless of said differences. I don't care for playing on PC, its just too much of a hassle. As long as the graphics and gameplay are as good if not a little better than BFBC2 then I will be plenty satisfied.

I like to lay on my ass while i play.

Thecraft19892463d ago

Hassle ?

Buy game disc or download


Click play

Unless your retard I'm sure you can figure that out....................

Ranshak2463d ago

Lol my 11 year old brother started of gaming on PC when he was 10 or so. If he can play on it, i am sure anyone not mentally handicapped in their teens can.

Infact its so easy lol, instead of running out to get a disk then keeping it safe all you need to down is click install, wait for download then click play, couldnt be simpler.

goflyakite2462d ago

"Unless your retard"


Washington-Capitals2462d ago

"Thats it" ??!?

LOL thats the understatment of the century, the difference between PC vs console version is something that would make you think about buying a new PC. Its huge and BF3 is truly a next gen game downgraded onto the consoles.

caperjim2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

The game should have built in 360 gamepad support. So you should still be able to "lay on your ass" while playing.

Also dont believe the crap about PC controls are superior. It just depends on what you are use to.

MerkinMax2462d ago

I just can not get used to the keyboard and mouse. I invested $1,250 into this PC, and I want to enjoy it....

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BeastlyRig2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

You forgot
more accurate controls & Button options & dedicated servers & the game be made mainly for pc platform so will naturally run better across different pc's..

Console version should be fine though..

@Brosy Hassle? You sound like a mac user..

I would play on pc even if consoles had 5x more power than pc! Why? becuz the community is just awsome..

Boletarian2463d ago

The accuracy does not depend on the controls. It depends on the player's preference.

I'm more accurate with a gamepad than with a mouse/keyboard. But I wouldn't make the argument that the gamepad is more accurate than a mouse/keyboard.

caperjim2462d ago

Very true. It just depends on what you are use to. I play PC multiplayer shooters all the time with my gamepad and see no difference between console and PC.

NanoSoldier2463d ago

You should buy it for the systam you have.

Close_Second2463d ago

I have all 3 and undecided which one to get it on. Love playing using my console on my big screen tv but i'll bet anything the console multiplayer lobby is shit.

And no, I have no intention of hooking my pc to my tv as I need them separate (kids).

Close_Second2461d ago

So, you guys think the console lobby system will be as good as the PC version? If they're the same its cause they gimped on the PC version.

I'll bet the developers don't like playing laggy multiplayer so why as gamers do we have to put up with a lobby that provides such little detail you dont know until your in the game if its laggy or not.

Close_Second2463d ago


You've been drinking too much Microsoft coolade if you think that gaming on a pc is as easy or easier than gaming on a console.

Boletarian2463d ago

Why would Microsoft advertise PC gaming when they're selling 360s?

Think before you click the "Add Reply" button.

Close_Second2461d ago

Yeah, cause MS dont do PC gaming. Why dont you think before you hit reply. What a c**t.

StayStatic2463d ago

You missed superior controls , can't imagine playing a battlefield game without a keyboard and mouse , its just wrong.

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Dwalls11712463d ago

Battlefield really isnt that big of a game..the media Is just trying to hype it up.....

kevnb2463d ago

battefield is one of the biggest games there is, dont be foolish.

chak_2463d ago

You didn't play alpha to say so.

It will kick everything's butt

jdfoster002463d ago

I am. And it's amazing! The audio is crazy! Best audio ever in a game!

kevnb2463d ago

its not two different games, but much more enjoyable on pc for obvious reasons. Even moreso than usual because of the development focus.

zinkabassy2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Does someone have a spare key to share? I will probably get it for both PC and PS3.

bozebo2463d ago

The only thing this article mentions is player count...

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