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Is Digital Distribution Awesome? Kind Of…

Digital games are lacking a certain something. That fresh plastic smell, a manual and that feeling that the game is truly yours. It's also impossible to create a physical collection of downloadable games.

But digital distribution is also a viable alternative to the recent pay-to-play online pass system a lot of developers are implementing to combat the used game market. (Culture, Dead Rising 2, Direct2Drive, EA, IGN, Steam)

pat_11_5  +   1277d ago
I think we're going to see more digital distribution in the next few years.
xhedleyx  +   1277d ago
I tend to agree with you, this could be an alternative to pay-to-play online passes. But I also think your being silly when it comes to owning actual physical copies of your games. Digital Distribution is the way of the future, you should probably get used to it.

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