Dual Wielding. A/K/A Why the Series You Love Is Gone

RipTen - I liken it to the Madden Curse. You’re looking forward to a sequel to an FPS when you see a new screenshot or teaser clip, and there it is. Dual wielding. Just like when your favorite athlete is on the cover of Madden. You know what it means. Your hero is inevitably going down.

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xPhearR3dx2575d ago

Dual Wielding is for noobs.

CrzyFooL2575d ago

The Red Faction part is so true right now it hurts

GigawattConduit2575d ago

Duel wielding practically ruined MW2 for me with those shotguns.

BlackjackCF2575d ago

I have to agree. As soon as you see duel wielding, run like the wind.

OhMyGandhi2574d ago

I loved duel wielding in halo 2.
SMG plus Pistol or Needler, you can't go wrong.
it freshens things up because there were many different combos available to you.
even though it may be considered cheap by some, it provided a steeper challenge.
too bad it's gone though.

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