Pirates Stealing From Penny Arcade Charity (Childs Play) and Others

Gaming Irresponsibly shows the cold-hearted piracy going on for the current humble bundle - something that can be bought legitimately for as little as a penny.

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ultrapepe2424d ago

Who the hell steals from charity?!?!

Solid_Snake-2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )


i saved 1 pence....BOOYAAAAAAH I WIN.

FriedGoat2424d ago

This is no different than downloading them illegaly seperately. the games have been pirated way before the bundle existed and is no more "sick" now. i've donated a worthwile amount to all the other bundles so far and will continue to do so.

Cal6642424d ago

There is piracy and then there is just being sick. This is just wrong on so many levels.

agentxk2424d ago

I went and donated, I even have the games from steam. I'll give them to my brothers since they are poor college students.

Septic2424d ago

Anyone who did this should be killed with fire.

ultrapepe2424d ago

bubbles to you good sir.

KernalSanders2424d ago

What a terrible thing to have happen

agentxk2424d ago

It is crazy, i mean you can create your own price for the games, and it isn't like some 80/20 bullsh*t charity. They are stealing from sick and dying children.

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The story is too old to be commented.