PS3 - What Else Can It Bring Gamers?

MMGN writes: The current generation of hardware, excluding the Wii, will still have a place over the next few years if hardware sales alone are anything to go by. Global sales see very strong retail sales for the PS3 and Xbox 360, even in the midst of an unstable global financial climate and retail struggling (especially in Australia as the nation's dollar continues to rise as product prices either rise or stay the same).

The industry is a lot different now compared to what it was a few years ago. Mobile games essentially had no market presence in 2007, even after the release of the Iphone, and digital distribution was something considered to be far off, despite the music industry essentially going exclusively digital in the years that have followed.

That does not seem to have stopped sales of hardware though, although Kinect added some life to the Xbox 360 in the midst of its severely lacking list of exclusives in 2011.

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firefoxprime2579d ago

I dunno...maybe more diverse genres? Don't need some overbearing support of rpg's or platformers, but some more games like James Bond: Everything or Nothing, Jak 3, Time Splitters, Kingdom Hearts, Spiderman 2, and Z.O.E would be awesome.

More action rpg's would be great. I purposefully got my ps3 5 years after launch cuz I perfer seeing a backlog of great games for a discount price. But compared to the PS2 library? The PS3 library SUCKS.(in size, diverse genres)

Sorry for the long post guys...but this gen sucks. We're getting ripped off left and right. $60 games, overpriced DLC, over price map packs, rehash games of previous titles, the list goes on.

Focker4202579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )


So I'm supposed to listen to a guy that just now jumped into this gen?? I've had five full years with my PS3 and I've had no issues and the library is more than diverse enough to satisfy all of my gaming needs.

I'll decide when I'm getting ripped off thank you very much, and so far it hasn't happened.

Were there some games that I had regretted purchasing?? Of course, but that happens no matter what system you have. There will always be a few duds once in a while.

If you like last gen so much then go back to it. That library of games is still there waiting for you and probably even more affordable now then ever. Nobody is forcing you to get 'ripped off'. If you really feel that way then don't buy into this gen.

Plenty of people including myself have gotten a ton of fulfillment out of this gen. Just because you think it sucks doesn't mean we do.

Oh and you aren't really getting ripped off since you apparently like to wait five years, buy a backlog of games second hand, and make no contribution to the console's lifecycle until its nearly over.

You're a real benefit to the game industry, and your opinion matters over everyone else's that has actually been a part of the current gen. /s

stu8882578d ago

firefoxprime does have a point.

moparful992578d ago

Firefoxprime has very little if any basis for his claims.

First of all this generation is supporting 3 major and thriving consoles.. Previous generations shunned and abandoned all but 1. So having decidedly smaller audiences due to console preferences has caused the "cross platform" effect. Smaller development times, less resources, higher production costs equals cookie cutter games..

Secondly with the rise of social interaction and online components people spend more time using online features therfore less emphasis is placed on unique and diverse gaming ideas..

Lastly, the cost of games has stablized and there is a uniform pricing scale which is actually good news for consumers.. Back in the post playstation era games were priced according to what the developer wanted to charge and not mass market appeal.. So we have benefited and are saving money this generation.. If you feel you are being "ripped off" thats because your percieved value of games has lessened which indicates that you are somewhat jaded..

Godmars2902578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

+1 for Intelligence.

HD consoles at the very least, the PS3 and 360 both, have suffered a lack of diversity. Launch titles which lacked features from earlier SD versions of games practically screamed that something was wrong, but no one really listened. Just looked at graphics.

And honestly, it really shouldn't matter that he just now bought a PS3.

IdleLeeSiuLung2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

How about?

* NO online passes
* Secure PSN
* cross game chat and party system
* otherOS
* a browser that doesn't crash

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nopunctuation2579d ago

The 4th dimension in science is time. 4D graphics refer to creating worlds that age over time autonomously. It was hyped at the start of PS3s life but never seen on a great scale. It could be done, but you would need a really ambitious game to do it with.

BitbyDeath2579d ago

I think it makes more sense that Virtual Reality is 4D and we won't be seeing that until at least the PS4.

nopunctuation2579d ago

Um virtual reality is still 3 dimensions...

firemassacre2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

the highest awarded game of all time. uncharted 2, its also got the highest hd console exclusive metacritic score.

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stu8882578d ago

unlucky if you haven't got a PS3 because you're missing out on one of the best games this gen.

TyrionL2578d ago

I like the way you threw in the "highest hd console exclusive", so you could bent the rules to make your comment true. Check this, Super Mario Galaxy 1&2, as well as GTA 4 all have a higher score’s than UC2, but I guess when you just completely ignore the real world and skew all the rules to fit your agenda, your comment makes sense. God I hate fanboys.

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Cmpunk2578d ago

it doesn't need anything we all know the ps3 will evuntually come first

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Inside_out2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

One of my biggest problems with the PS3 is the's pretty bad. They really need to copy the 360 controller and quick. I bought a wired PS3 controller made like the 360 controller but it wasn't the same thing. It's a must and needs to be done RIGHT NOW. It's well made and light but useless otherwise.

The OS on PS3 is terrible, like some bad platforming game. You can easily see why Future shop/best buy offer a set up fee for the PS3...the whole thing is a mess. You can get lost for days in there, syncing up controllers, having to set the resolution...just bizarre stuff...O_o

In regards to console power...time to move on. The systems where designed in 2003-4 and it shows. They could put together a new console for the price of the current ones with full backwards compatibility and they would be twice as powerful. Does anybody really want to play part 4 of any current games...PLEASE. :/

Miiikeyyy2578d ago

From reading this, It sounds like you don't have a PS3.

The controllers are fine how they are, people like the controllers. It's down the personal preference which controller you prefer. I prefer PS3's controller and dislike the xbox controller - same for other people.

syncing up controllers are hard? you must have learning dissabilties, you plug a USB into the controller and your done - sounds so hard right? xbox's syncing is fucked up and you know it, all my friends complaing about that. setting the resolution is so easy, a child could do it. Setting>Display

And as far as power etc, look at current PS3 exclusives - They look amazing. Naughty dog and Guerilla games etc all do wonderful jobs, not one of them complain about power.

TBM2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

oh yea its official inside out is a complete nutter and what absolute worst fanboy on this site. it sounds like he lacks the mental capability to perform the simplest task of syncing controllers, and changing the display settings when its the easiest thing in the world.

anyway OT for what was asked well more games, and creative new IPs thats it.

i can't believe 4 people agreed with him hahaha.

firemassacre2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

^^ smh @ inside out

MysticStrummer2578d ago

The 360 controller is better than the XBox's, but it still sucks compared to the DS3. You must be a little slow if you had trouble setting up a PS3. It's not that tough, man. Anyone that needs an outside party to help them set up a PS3 shouldn't be allowed to drive a car. As for console power, I don't feel the need for a PS4 yet. If you feed the need for another XBox, that's your problem. As for "Part 4" games I'd like to see this gen, I can think of several, but there are still enough new things coming for my system that it's not really an issue. If your system has nothing but sequels you don't care about, again... your problem.

Cpt_kitten2578d ago

still hasn't brought me my sandwich after sony said it can do it can start with that

on a serious note i am curious as to what there doing with VR

Goozex2578d ago

looks like "Inside_out" is our first troll so far.

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