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LMG: You know a game is good when you find yourself “screwing” around rather than doing what you’re supposed to do. Creating dams and seeing how the flow of water changes seriously piques my interest. On top of this, the idea of creating bays, masses of land and anything else you can think of makes this game fun to play.

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BattleTorn2578d ago

I'm not sure if it 10/10

This game is the most fun i've had with a Arcade title

kingdoms2577d ago

Kind of agree with part of what you said but gave a disagree for the score comment.

MOTY2577d ago

I downloaded the game last night and had a hard time pulling myself away from it to go to bed. Msg'd my brother to DL the game as well so that he could play it. This way we can converse verbally while we are playing...cause that's how XBL rolls.