How HD DVD Got its Groove Back: It All Comes Down to Price

Toshiba's HD A-2 sales have been on the rise lately. Sales of the Toshiba HD-A3, the successor to the HD-A2, appeare to be equally brisk, with many retailers selling out of their stocks quickly after the older model became hard to find. At many locations, the newer player was selling for $199 - $100 off its original retail price.

Sales of the HD-A2 alone over the past few days are nearly equivalent to total sales of the top Blu-ray player, Sony's BDP-S300, which has shipped 100,000 units since its introduction over the summer.

BetaNews has a request in with Toshiba for full sales numbers, but the company thus far has not provided specific figures.

Over the weekend, BetaNews talked to several new-to-HD disc consumers and there was almost a universal reaction that price was the primary factor behind the purchases. Buying an HD DVD player, however, did not necessarily mean the door was shut to Blu-ray.

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PS3 Limps on and on4059d ago

Price drops and better development.

stunt2134059d ago

Serious why the f*ck do you have to say something bad about ps3 for every comment. It's either you're the Mart or you're his life time partner.

PS3 Limps on and on4059d ago

I'm just saying the truth, I believe it works when you drop prices and get high quality games. That's how the PS3 will get back in it. Same as HD DVD.

wil4hire4059d ago

PS3_Limps on and on:

He is a guy that stole the other guys avatar, so he trolls as if he were the guy with that avatar.

I was confused at first, but there are 2 guys posing as that one ps3 fan.

They were all arguing in a thread once.

Limps on and on says stuff like "Look at me, Im a douchebag."

Its kinda... odd.

PS3 Limps on and on4059d ago

I'm "Lightning", the ONLY one. I changed my name to "PS3 Limps on and on", and some idiot stole the name "Lightning" and is pretending to be me.

Saying things like "I'm a douchebag"

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wil4hire4059d ago

What groove does it have?

Disc sales...? no.. cheap non-1080p player sales? yes.

EDF 20174059d ago

You need a player first to be able to watch them. So in essence the players sold will = more movies sold, do you get it or do I n e e d to t y p e r e a l l y s l o w ? I wonder where the ps3 fangirls go to school.

godofthunder104059d ago

i tired of hearing it's only 1080 i not 1080p when the truth is that it doesn't really matter because they are the same thing and you can't even tell the difference.

fredy4059d ago

Round Peg said it best
" The main point here is: the player now opens the door for them to buy HD DVDs in the future.

Every company takes loses in hopes of gaining back on software, in the console world thats the way things go and is not tat much different with other electronics.

-5 free movies are the studios taking one for the team.
-low priced Hd player around this time of year by toshiba is the same.

the most important shopping season of the year is what you must to sell and get your name out there.

HD-DVD is an easier name convention to the casual masses since it is a continuation of DVD.

Like one said on here some folks think Blu-Ray is a missle defense system.

Yo Mama4059d ago

Ironic since people have been buying hd-dvd players and movies just to return them the next day because they think....

1. That hd-dvd movies will play in their dvd player.

2. If they bought the hd-dvd player they assume it will make there dvd's play in HD.

I know people in retail who have told me this is happening at an alarming rate. Not so with Blu-ray,

godofthunder104059d ago

who are you trying to fool,it must be yourself because nobody belives think that people will think that it's a regular dvd player even when it has hd-dvd on it and they want think like that if it's wake up and stop being bias.their is no way that people will buy it and think it's a regular dvd player.the truth is that you can't stand that they sold so many hd-dvd players so you come up with this lie to try and make it look bad and it'a a shame that people do crap like this. so stop your lies because no one belives you.just keep saying it and maybe you will belive your own lies and you will feel bettwer because no one eles will belive you unless they are for br and bias.

power of Green 4059d ago

Did expect wil4hire to say anything different.

Nameless4059d ago

Stunt thats just Lightning who is spamming & trolling because he does not want 1 bubble again

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