Tekken Producer Feels all Developers Should be on 360

Dtoid: "Producer of all things Tekken, Katsuhiro Harada, suggested in our recent interview that all developers should be making their games available for Microsoft's Xbox 360."

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OllieBoy2547d ago

Probably a translation error.


Actually a flamebait article.

He was asked about why they moved Tekken from PS only to Xbox 360 and PS3, he stated that any third party developer should develop for 360 too, he even compared PC and Xbox360 user base in that they are likely to stick to their platforms (not going to buy a PS3 for Tekken) so it was natural progression for a third party developer to broaden the appeal.

The title makes it sound like if he's talking about developing for 360 only. The article only links the interview Harada gave to destructoid, it's not the interview itself. They made this "whole article " (7 lines...) about the one quote took out of context: "If you are not making games on the 360, then you are doing something wrong".

That's just Destructoid being Destructoid, they even refer to Namco Bandai following those lines and some games from the publisher not even releasing on PS3 in North America, despite the fact it has nothing to do with Harada, the quote or the interview... Anything for hits! And just as you would expect from N4G, instead of someone posting the whole interview, the flamebait is quickly approved.

dgonza402547d ago

wow, that makes it a POS title in my opinion.
Flambait FTL!

blumatt2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Sorry man. Maybe one day MS will invest in more first party studios and you'll get some of those elusive first party exclusive games. Sony is actually VERY smart by buying up all the studios it has. That guarantees that they'll have games that will help to differentiate the PS3 (and PS4) from other consoles. MS's approach is to make an online platform to differentiate itself, which is fine, but when Sony does catch up and brings all of Live's features to the PS3/PS4, it'll have the games AND the network features that people want.

Believe it or not, exclusive games are important. They give a platform identity. What would be the point of buying both the PS3 and the 360 if they didn't each have their own exclusive games?

Boletarian2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Yeah, but at the end of the day Sony is holding back the advancement of games by forcing a buttload of talented developers into working with limited hardware for at least 6 years.

Microsoft makes it so that the 360 is very easy to port to, which means that third party developers like CD Projekt can take full advantage of PC technology and make a gorgeous game like The Witcher 2 and then port that game onto 360.

Consoles are machines that are and should always be marketed for the masses of people who are either too ignorant or too lazy to purchase or build a computer to play games at much higher settings.

Therefore, I think it is unfair that Sony should buy up the cream-of-the-crop studios and have them work exclusively on a console.

It's almost laughable when a developer like Guerrilla Games makes statements attesting to the "power of the PS3" and the "capability of the "SPUs" but ultimately they make a game that runs in 720p with low res textures, they run that game at 30 frames per second, they don't allow modding, they don't allow players to create and share their own maps and they charge money for official DLC maps.

And people say that Microsoft is holding back the gaming industry. How can MS be holding back gaming when they're barely involved in it? You said it yourself, they don't have that many studios and they don't have that many exclusives.

Sony is smart for having a lot of studios, but they are also dumb for spending billions of dollars to produce a console when they can just publish the games on an open platform and directly reap the profit without waiting 3 years to offset the costs of R&D for the PS3.

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M2-2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

"If you are not making games on the 360, then you are doing something wrong" Harrada said.

Obviously first party studios who are not owned by Microsoft have a good enough reason not to work with the 360. But yeah, unless there are limited funds or a deal was struck to keep the developer away from the 360, all third party devs should be on the 360 as well as any other platform worth noting.

jc485732547d ago

fix the title. He said developers should make games for the 360 as well. Title sounds like developers should only make games for the 360.

chasedagreat2547d ago

yeah they tried that already in japan
see how that ended up lol

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