Are the Best Games Necessarily the Most Fun?

Do quality and fun go hand in hand? Is it possible to have games of good quality that just may not be fun?

It may sound stupid at first but I really had to think about this. The best games are the best for a reason, right?

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rabidpancakeburglar2580d ago

It's a mixed bag. Some games you will think "That was amazing" but then never want to play again and some you will think the same but play for hundreds of hours. It's the same with fairly poor games, some you will play for ten minutes and regret purchasing and some you will think are an absolute gem despite their drawbacks. There is no definite answer to this question.

firefoxprime2580d ago

Absolutely. I own both 2D and 3D sonic games. Sonic&Knuckles and...Sonic Unleashed. The 2D games were way more challenging and I hated the fact my speed was halted by those blasted animal insect thingys.

I definetely perfer a boost button in Sonic Unleashed over the tedious spin dashes. Generally more fun in my opinion. Its the sense of speed that the whole franchise is about. Sonic Advanced 3 got the job done as well.

On the flipside, some games are challenging and well...challenges are fun. Master Hand, Sephiroth, Metal Gear. Bosses that pumped us up for an epic battle.

hamoor2579d ago

The thing is, there are different kinds fun.
Reading a great novel vs riding a rollercoaster, sure both are fun but they got different kind of thrill.

Same with games. There are mindless fun that comes from games that often has weak story but it is fun for the chaos and all the shit you can do like just cause 2.
And those with serious story lines and characters are fun because it get you hooked-up with story etc.

Montrealien2579d ago

This reminds me af another question: Which color is better? Blue or red?

ABizzel12579d ago

It depends for me the best games are not the most fun games.

Uncharted 2, MGS4, God of War 3, Killzone 2/3, LBP 1/2, Twilight Princess, Gears 2, and Halo Reach are all amazing games and some of the best this gen for their platform.

But I've spent more time PLAYING and enjoying Warhawk, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Left 4 Dead 2, Plants vs. Zombies, and Peggle than most of those games (with the exception of LBP & Uncharted 2).

There's a space for both. Games that are AAA huge blockbusters, and games that are simply fun, and some developers need to stop pursuing tons of AAA games when they can't compete (causing them to go bankrupt) and start making games all about having fun with your friends. Oh and we need more Niche game like Demon Souls.

Fun and niche games are missing this gen, since everyone wants to be that AAA game that sell 10+ million copies.

LOGICWINS2580d ago

I've heard people say that Batman: Arkham Asylum was boring even though it won multiple GOTY awards. It's a matter of opinion. I was actually playing it today(just gt it last week) and I think its fantastic.

rabidpancakeburglar2580d ago

Of the criticisms you could have of arkham asylum (not that there are many), being boring isn't one of them. Not sure how anyone could think that, it's one of the most interesting and fun games this gen.

Da_Evil_Monkey2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Agreed, one my friends, at my recommendation, bought the GOTY edition in a steam sale. He played it for an hour, told me it was boring and repetitive, and hasn't played it since.

Some people may enjoy games that recieves poor review, or no awards. Vice-versa some people might not enjoy a critically acclaimed game.

notimetobeidle2580d ago

Maybe I just like bad games, haha.

Bigpappy2580d ago

I don't understand the question. How could it even qulify as the best game if you did not enjoy playing it?

I think I know where this is going. Is this a casual versus core fight? I am tempted to give the site a hit to find out. I might find that he is basing the best games on "professional" review scores. Which I would also disagree with.

I guess what I am actually saying is that the "Best" game is too subjective and therefore to broad to be used in that context. What be should use is one of the above (review scores,game category) to have a more meaningful debate.

notimetobeidle2580d ago

It's not a casual vs core fight, I assure you.

I used "Best" in order to be as broad as I could. To that capacity I guess we could replace "Best" with "Critically Acclaimed".

I tried to qualify my choices on a personal level. Hopefully it reads as such.

trainsinrdr2580d ago

the only games i ever spent more than 100 hours this gen were oblvion, fallout 3, gta 4, rdr

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