OXCGN’s Ms ‘Splosion Man XBLA Review: Girl power or just plain Girl sour?


"It was difficult to imagine a character more manic and schizophrenic than Twisted Pixel’s ‘Splosion Man – the fiery nutbag who graced XBLA with his presence back in 2009.

The original game wasn’t quite a masterpiece, but it had bursts of charm and laugh-out-loud moments.

‘Splosion Man was a superb idea that had the potential for plenty of scope.

As a sequel, Ms ‘Splosion Man expands and refines the original in a variety of ways."

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gaminoz2551d ago

It's funny how the Arcade titles seem to have more colour than AAA releases using what seem to be grey, brown and bluish filters.

It's kind of a nice change. But wow is that PINK!

BadCircuit2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

They really do need to publicise XBLA titles better. Or I need to find a better place to find out about them? I've heard about Journey on PSN but that's about it, for XBLA or PSN games coming up.