PU launches dual platform mounts for Xbox Kinect and PS3 Eye

Penguin United has announced the release of a pair of new dual platform compatible mounts designed for Xbox 360's Kinect and the PlayStation Eye. Each mount, the Three-Way Mount and the Wall and Tripod Mount, provide strength, reliability and style to motion sensing video gaming.

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2582d ago
TheSoundDefense2582d ago

Isn't the Kinect calibrated so it needs to be on top of your TV? Does this allow you to get closer or something?

Cpt_kitten2581d ago

kinect can be above or below, but like they said its better to go above because you get the extra two foot distance so you can be a bit farther back, same goes with the ps eye and wii sensor bar.....and its really basic camera knowledge

from the beach2581d ago

I fixed mine to the top of the TV with some blu-tack..