False Accusations of Fanboyism

Geek Revolt writes "If you’re overly critical towards the Xbox 360, you’re pro Sony, and if you’re overly critical towards the PS3 you’re pro Microsoft. This isn’t true—but it’s how some gamers feel. Anyone that brings up the Xbox 360’s RROD or the PS3’s launch price are instantly met with the dreaded “f-word”. Here are a few things you should consider before accusing someone of fanboyism."

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dangert122462d ago

Yeah i always get called a Ps3 fanboy
sometimes i get called an xbox fan though i hate microsoft with a passion.

Thing is IMO SONY are honestly that good on a buiessness front at what they actually do compared to its competitiors you can look like abit of a fanboy when you stack all its plus's up then don't mention the other console cause you think how you have to how you have to go about it is unjust

people think xbl live have the best online on console
I disagree. 256 players online minimal lag and for free after purchase of the game i see nothing like that on any over console even look at playstation home its pretty obvious to me ps3 is miles ahead of the xbox online cross game chat is nothing compared to the capilities of playstation home IMO

Vega752462d ago

Now when I post I hate Sony with a passion and I'm not interested in anything That's on the ps3 and would rather game in my 360/pc I'm called a fanboy or I'm not a real gamer. Yet people on this site can express their hate for MS or the 360 and thier point is valid. I hear all the time that they hate the 360 cause their system died on them 3-5 times. Yet when I say my ps2 died 3 times and had to pay for repairs. Fanboys will tell me to get over it. See the hypocrisy on this site

dangert122462d ago

But i don't hate the 360 if you have the patients you can go back through my comments and i praise games like halo 3 and gears and im also a fan of party chat...i actually hate microsoft
rip off addons for the console limiting the xbox experience like not allowing cross plaform gaming charging for online then raising the price focusing on casuals selling almost all there studio etc
I hate microsoft and not the xbox and yes i do say that sitting on a computer running on a windows os but hey hoo still dont mean i don't like them

Vega752462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

i didn't say you hated the 360 nor are you wrong in how you feel about MS. i'm just stating that some people on this site are hypocrites and act like you are not entitled to feel the way you do about a system or company or your less of a gamer or a fanboy. but will turn around and do the very samething they are calling you out on.

like people say 360 has no games. yet i've been playing games on my 360 all year and haven't touch my ps3 since last year after i brought GT5(very disappointed).the only game i do love thats on the ps3 is demon soul. but since dark soul is coming out for the 360 i'm straight. so for some 360 has no exclusives. for me ps3 has no exclusives that i'm interested in. it wasn't a slam at your comment. sorry if i gave you that impression

thebudgetgamer2461d ago

having an opinion on something is fine, shoving that opinion down peoples throat every chance you get makes you a fanboy.

darthv722461d ago

well said. have a bubble

air12461d ago

I know what you mean... Especially about dre.

MrBeatdown2461d ago


You act like it's the exact same people. This site has tons of users. You can't call it hypocrisy if it's two different people saying two different things.

This is one of the things that really irritates me about this site. A PS3 fan can say one thing. Then another PS3 fan can say another thing, but if they're both PS3 fans then all PS3 fans are called hypocrites.

People around here can't seem to separate the individual from the group. Hell, in one of those articles that spiraled into one of those Jaffe vs. Cliffy bitching contests, the very first post was made by a guy that praised Jaffe and made no mention of Cliff. But the guy was called a hypocrite because Cliff gets labeled a douce, yet his post history made absolutely no references to Cliff or even suggested he was a fan of either console.

It's the fanboys that resort to crap like that.

kneon2461d ago

I get the opposite. When I mention how juvenile and immature some of the most hallowed Xbox games are I lose bubbles and get called names. When I do the same for some even more highly revered PS3 games I just get some disagrees.

MrBeatdown2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Lulz. Four disagrees. No agrees on my earlier comment.

Is there a list of people I missed that have each made hypocritical posts towards Vega?

I've got two examples of people assuming someone they disagree with is being hypocritical, one of which has 159 idiots agree with him, which should go to show just how idiotic some of the commenters are here.
See comment 1.1
See comment 2.1

But you guys keep spamming the disagree button as if everyone on this site that has an opinion different from yours is a hypocrite.

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dangert122461d ago

@Vega75 yeah it varies on the person and i too was let down by gt5

chriski3332461d ago

no false accusations 360=51% fail rate that suck

darthv722461d ago

you just dont know what numbers to believe. There are those with hidden agendas that have an intent on falsifying (padding) the numbers.

Proclaiming how many times something has failed on you does nothing to help the situation. Id rather there be more respectful discussions about the games more so than hearing about someones 4th or 5th system.

This hobby is an expensive one but it isnt free from issues. However many or few that may be. If you really are a gamer you go with the flow and just deal with it. Even when the company you paid good money for breaks down. The games you have for it are not something easy to just walk away from.

artynerd2461d ago

the fail rate is extremely embarrassing, but Microsoft gives you 3 YEARS warranty against RROD on the 360. I have a launch-day console and only had to send it in once. They were super helpful on the phone.

Sure, it was inconvenient for a week, but that kind of service is pretty outstanding - sent me a box and paid for the shipping.

What's the YLOD policy from Sony? 90 days?

IRetrouk2461d ago

you got yours back in a week?, it took 4 weeks for mine to come back, 5 times, by the way, im just glad the new model is a lot more reliable, cant say what sony is like as iv never had a ps3 die on me, which is just luck i suppose, also glad micro seems to have sorted out the time it takes to get a console fixed, a week is a lot better. as for fanboy stuff, i get called a ps fanboy n xbox fanboy depending on the article and my opinion, there is no middle ground on n4g.

subtenko2461d ago

I do indeed like the ps3 better, I'll admit it but I still like the others sides too every now and then. well....personally I havent felt the same way about Nintendo as I did when I had the N64. Maybe I just miss the good ol 90's :( This is why I watch teen nick now cause they show the 90's shows xD see, I guess that IS the

Agree of Disagree if you Agree

darthv722461d ago

to like both. I think we all gravitate towards one side or another but not directly taking sides.

I may prefer one system to play more but that doesnt mean i dont respect the other. For the 90' was about sega. I just dug their style and the games appealed to me. I also played nintendo and had no grudge against them.

It is the ones that flat out will not acknowledge that anything other than what they like is just as entertaining to someone else. To each their own.

I can respect someone for liking what they like so long as they are just as respectful in return.

Solid_Snake-2461d ago

so your a sony fanboy.

dont try blend it like you enjoy the xbox.

Fanboys_suck2461d ago

You are not a fanboy, you are just ignorant.

d3nworth12461d ago

I've been called a 360 fanboy and I don't even own a 360.

jacksonmichael2459d ago

Lol, well, here is a recent comment from you...

"true true. I don't even like nintendo myself no more starting to hate them as much as i hate microsoft"

It's almost as if you think you aren't one...

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Cpt_kitten2461d ago

i have both, i love both, and yeah i enjoy somethings over the other like i like the 360's netflix more than the ps3 and i love both ps3 and 360 exclusive titles, multiplat games i try on both systems before choosing which to get it for like catherine i love on the ps3 hated on the 360 and same with FF13 whereas Castlvania i felt more comfy on the 360, and shooters i like on the 360

really don't see the huge argument between the systems they both have there ups and downs but there both equally fine

Convas2461d ago

I don't usually have a problem with fanboys. At least the stationary ones. Fanboys usually stay in topics that concern them and trumpet about how good their *Insert Product, Game, Studio, or Company* is. Of course, here and there, it's annoying, but nothing overly unbearable.

It's when those said fanboys pick up their banners and march into a Halo thread or Gears thread or any other game to begin proclaim their undying loyalty for aforementioned criteria, that annoy me. Traveling Fanboys, better known as Trolls.

Fanboys are a naturally part of life. Trolls are not.

SageHonor2461d ago

I think people who intentionally put themselves in the console war are fanboys.. If you waste your time arguing about what console is better and you own only the system your praising.. then I say thats a fanboy

_Aarix_2459d ago

If you own a console and go on gaming websites.....your in the console war. I go on here for news and i go to the comments to attempt to tell trolls off and defend my console with no hate whatsoever to the other one.

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