New High-Resolution Texture Pack for Doom3 will blow you away

DSOGaming writes: "We've said it a million times. Textures and lighting are perhaps the most important graphical features for current generation games. So get ready to drool all over the following Doom 3 screenshots, as Wulfen released a new High Resolution Textures Pack for iD Software's little baby. And they look so damn sexy."

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theonlylolking2579d ago

Those graphics are very good. Props to the person who did this.

Hoje03082579d ago

Yeah, but two of the screens show framerates of 9 and 4. Not exactly playable.

Lich1202579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Wow... doom 3 running at that low FPS? Maybe he just really likes things from 2004 and thus hasn't updated his PC since then.

Edit: also, i just noticed the video, it seems to be running just fine. Those shots were plrobably being taken at some obscene resolution.

Laika2579d ago

pretty underwhelming compared to the gta graphics mod imo

Ducky2579d ago

... if you use that as the standard, then pretty much everything is going to be underwhelming. =/

Shackdaddy8362579d ago

Doom 3 release - 2004
GTA IV release - 2008

Obviously :\

gypsygib2579d ago

Correction: textures, lighting, framerate, anti-aliasing and true HD are the most important graphical features.

Perkel2579d ago

:" true HD"

lol PC games since 2000 year don't need "true HD" because most of them already had bigger supported res than 1920x1080

gypsygib2578d ago

And the difference on a 19" screen is nothing.
And the highest any respectable sized screen displays supports is 1080p....

720p, 1080p or whatever resolution you're so impressed with makes no difference because you can't tell the difference. Even hooked up to a nice big HDTV the best you'll be able to detect is 1080p so keep bragging about your 30 inch cock that no one will ever appreciate.

Perkel2578d ago

"And the highest any respectable sized screen displays supports is 1080p"


As of 1080p vs 720p...

Lol 1080p has 4x more pixels dude

Go play FF13 those FMV are in 1080p and those FMV are unmatched by anything on any console or PC in term of quality.

It's easy to think 1080p is useless if you don't have content to use with that res.

Today 512 ram for consoles is only good for max 720p games and still textures are blurry.

I have witcher 2 and those textures look better the better res you have.

rmedtx8882579d ago

I insist... they should release this game for PS3 and 360... specially with these rich textures.

A7XEric2579d ago

Daaaaaaaamn, this is crazy.

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