Bring It Back: TimeSplitters

Player Affinity writes: "This edition of Bring It Back is a little different, as the series in question actually does seem likely to return some time in the future. Still, it hasn't actually happened yet, and there's no reason not to remind people of what makes TimeSplitters fun and unique from other shooters. Free Radical Design (now known simply as Crytek UK) haven't done a whole lot since their last TimeSplitters game, and a return to what got them started might lead them to something inspired. They did work on the multiplayer in Crysis 2, so they've shown they can make a competent online gaming experience. But while that series has done a nice job of blending in with the Call of Duty school of super quick and precise shooters, what's fun about TimeSplitters is that it does its own thing. I'd love to see them bring it to the current generation, sooner rather than later."

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Zanarkand2550d ago

Best fps I've ever played as a kid and i feel the same about it to this day. Former Free Radical, please deliver the next one with proper care for the next gens. Also the thought of a remastered TS2 would be mind blowing as well.