Mount & Blade: Warband (PC) Review *Brutal Gamer*

"I have played a few medieval type war games in my time, so when I went into Warband I was ready to grow my empire and kick some serious tale during my rise to power. I had heard about how Warband really gave the series some legs and made it kick. I was excited to mount something and blade my way to the top by defending helpless villagers, punishing corrupt kings and eventually ending up with ultimate victory. Little did I know that the villagers are ungrateful sods, sometimes corrupt kings are your best friends, and victory is much less than ultimate." Jeff Harper, Brutal Gamer

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MattS2581d ago

Mount & Blade isn't really a wargame though.

Myst2580d ago

Eh in a way it is but I guess it would depend on who you ask for the most part (at least in the very beginning you sure don't see it). Not sure if you are new or not to the franchise ( I kind of am ), but I'm finding that it's more or less a political thing at first choosing factions and the like then fighting a bit for dominance. In that sense I see it kind of war ish but for the most part it seems more political warish type of game.

Multiplayer seems like a bit of warefare especially if you choose siege. Again don't know if your new or not and don't mean to offend by saying all this if you are not but I still find this series to be rather great war or not. But Fire & Sword kind of upsets me :/.

MattS2580d ago

Wargames, as the gaming genre (and not the military exercise) are strategy games. In the early days they were the tabletop miniature games, and board games like War & Peace.

In modern video games, they're stuff like Panzer Commander, Panzer Corps and other high level military strategy games.

Mount & Blade is a action RPG, really, with some very light strategic elements.

Myst2580d ago

Ah those types had to look up War & Peace and now see what you mean. Yeah in light of that I can definitely see why it is not. So seems like RTS types of games would fit the model perfectly especially ones with base buildings.

skeletonss2580d ago

why does fire sword upset you?
im about to downlad the package on steam.

Myst2580d ago

I just didn't really like the inclusion of guns to be honest. Lol it's because when I got it right as steam did a sale for it and the moment I played I got into a battle with my party in which I had at least 3 more people. So I thought oh I will be fine and I got shot once and because they all had guns ended up losing. I guess that was my main gripe I liked the whole bow and arrow stuff. I'll end up continue playing it because I have it just have to get used to and past that whole ordeal lol.

MAJ0R2580d ago

there's a cool mod called Brytenwalda that adds tons of strategic elements like formations, routing enemies and lots more

Bolts2580d ago

Fire and Sword pissed me off when I first started playing. But once I got over the shock of getting pwned by some random musket shot and started using tactics the game got a lot better. I love it now, the game is a lot more balanced now that you can't just rush a squad of cav head on into a pile of bad guys FTW.

Myst2580d ago

Hmm I'll have to look into that Major and yeah Fan had to switch it up a bit because I was able to rush in and swing while on horse back. Lol none of that anymore.

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atticus142580d ago

I loved Warband, i recommend anyone remotely interested to try it, there is a demo on Steam.

I also encourage to look at mods for the game before starting a long game...there are a lot of mods that improve the overall experience.

There are some shortcomings but the unique gameplay more then makes up for it, but its definitely not for everyone.

Coach_McGuirk2580d ago

i really love the multiplayer siege servers