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trainsinrdr2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

haha the *RED* faction series is *DEAD*, i guess its time for a *REVOLUTION*

DMason2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Yeah, Red Faction is dead because THQ killed it. The last entry in the series was boring and bland. It was nothing like Guerilla.

It's too bad too, that series could have had a bright future.

Bereaver2579d ago

I'll be honest, I loved the other red factions simply because it was open and you could destroy almost anything.

The biggest problem with the newest red faction is that I really don't remember seeing anything about it. I mean, I heard the name. But I didn't see hardly any media coverage at all, almost like it didn't even exist.

I'm sure the added effect of what everyone else is talking about... (closed world, boring, bland) had something to do with it too, but I really didn't even know it was out until I seen it at the store and was like, "Where did that come from?"

phinch2579d ago

The series died out to me when they switched it from a fps, i use to love playing with bots on red faction 1

SilentNegotiator2579d ago

Guerilla was good, but I'll still take game 1 any day. It was immersive to the max and had fun challenging gameplay.

I'd kill to see that game remade on a modern engine.

king dong2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

to all the people asking why it went tps.. i thought that the cheap fuckers used the saints row engine, and didn't have to splash out on a new engine for rf.. hence tps rf!

guerrila was a good game though... shame.

if my feelings are right, then thq have no one but their sorry cheap selves to blame!

first off they let kaos ruin homefront especially the multiplayer, when frontlines multiplayer was great, now this!

kaos only had to improve upon frontlines multiplayer, and homefront would've been great on-line. wasted imo

showtimefolks2579d ago

my thing is why did you go away from red faction's open world and so much to do and stuff. Some times things don't need to be changed look at red faction

i played this latest one and it was a good game 1st half but than the difficulty jumps so high towards the last 25% of the game it becomes un fair

give us the fed faction HD remake and so sad to see a good series end but its THQ's fault

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gypsygib2579d ago

Red faction used to be an awesome FPS with destructible environments and mechs, which was impressive for PS2.

So the Red Faction series died well before Armageddon.

Kee2579d ago

I agree. The original red faction was incredible.

STONEY42578d ago

I have no idea why they switched the franchise to TPS,. As much as I liked Guerilla, the first 2 games were amazing, and for the time, so was the destruction.

ChrisGTR12579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

what a pathetic ending to a great game. guerilla was an awesome game but they really effed it all up with the second game. repedative linear gameplay along with no competitive multiplayer??! seriously wtf. i bought guerilla on launch date as for armagedon ive yet to pick that shit up and doubt i will cause of the lack of competitive MP. their greedy asses thought we were all stupid enough to buy w/e garbage they pump out just cause we bought the last one.

subtenko2579d ago

The makers of the first game should help out Lightbox studio with the next Warhawk/Starhawk sequel for PS4 (I know starhawk isnt out, but they finished it.) Now they should work on the first E3 warhawk trailer to make it a reality (hundreds of warhawk fleets everywhere! The next MAG 256+ players.

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

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rabidpancakeburglar2579d ago

Well obviously. What were they thinking with Armageddon?

BakedGoods2579d ago

Too bad really, Guerilla was amazing.

egidem2579d ago

I agree. Guerrilla was a blast. One of my favorite and in my opinion underrated open world games out there. The destructibility in the game was awesome. Couldn't find the door to get in a building? No problem, just make yours right through the wall!

I have yet to pick up Armageddon. I played the demo, although I enjoyed pinning things and blowing shit left and right, it didn't have that Guerrilla openness where you could jetpack onto the 3rd floor of a building and smash a sledge hammer right in the face of an EDF soldier.

goflyakite2579d ago

Ya I just bought Guerilla, I really liked the demo I played.

It's on sale right now for $10 on the PS Store if anyone wants to buy it.

BeOneWithTheGun2579d ago

Agreed, rabid. It was horrid. The destruction was great in concept but man it just didn't feel right. Plus, the graphics were better on Splinter Cell Double Agent. I mean, no stubble at all on his head???

Spenok2579d ago

I agree, guerilla was awesome but the corridor design philosophy of armageddon just didn't fit the destruction focus of the franchise.

Blaze9292579d ago

No one but THQ's fault. Red Faction - great innovative new game back on the PS2....all a sudden they go 3rd person and change stuff. And they wonder what went wrong, especially after Armageddon

Teabag2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

I absolutely loved Guerrilla, but I hadn't been following any news about Armageddon.

So, when I started playing the demo, my first thought was...yeah, this is alright, but when do we get off these rails and out into open can imagine my disappointment, when I figured out they had dropped open world

Deleted the demo and didn't even consider renting it.

Nuclearwinter2579d ago

I think they were thought they could cash in on the Dead Space gravy train, and switch from fighting an oppressive mega corp / government to the aliens / monsters.

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rabidpancakeburglar2579d ago

Get with the times, it's all about the jet pistol now.

Eazy-Eman2579d ago

sorry man I'm only on ep 116!

doctorstrange2579d ago

Shame that the TV series etc never came to fruition

slavish32579d ago

its dead because of thq just like smackdown