Mario Kart 3DS preview (Digital Spy)

Digital Spy writes: "As far as course designs go, they adopt the DS and Wii editions' flair for wide open expanses and novel ideas, such as a giant flower that can be bounced across, to swerving round stationary DK barrels littered in a jungle track and avoiding bouncing boulders as karts power up a mountain. Interestingly, while those recent editions featured both new tracks and remakes of old favourites, it's been hinted that everything in Mario Kart 3DS will be original content and will include locales such as Wii Sports Resort's and Pilotwings Resort's Wuhu Island. Nintendo has confirmed a robust online suite for up to eight players, as well as 3DS specific features such as SpotPass and StreetPass, but specifics are still thin on the ground. But from what we know and have played, Nintendo are almost certainly onto another winner, and should give the handheld a real boost come Christmas."

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