Why You Should: Be Excited for Modern Warfare 3

CheatCC - Modern Warfare 3 is easily the most anticipated game coming this year. Even though we're getting new games from The Elder Scrolls, Gears of War, and Assassin's Creed series this year, if you ask most gamers what they're most excited to play, the answer will be simple: Modern Warfare 3. So why is this game such a big deal? Well, we've got five reasons why you should be excited for Modern Warfare 3.

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iamnsuperman2577d ago

Even though the story did get a bit silly in the last game I still want to know where it goes and how it plays out (I know about the kotaku leak but reading is different from playing). The want for this game is like that movie that you have seen the previous 2 and you feel obliged to see the next one because you saw the last 2 films even though a lot of people say its is similar and will not be that good..

evrfighter2577d ago

If I want story there's Skyrim...I guarantee there will be quests longer the whole of MW3's singleplayer.

If I want multiplayer there's bf3. this one is self explanatory.

Thanks cheatcc I enjoy your website but I'm pretty much covered come fall.

peowpeow2577d ago

Are you referring to the single-player campaign though? 10% of the people I know played a bit of the campaign, then exclusively multiplayer. I enjoy CoD campaigns, but I just wouldn't purchase this one

iamnsuperman2576d ago

I always play through the single player first and it has an influence over my purchase considering I do not play a lot of multiplayer.

Miiikeyyy2576d ago

Just like all the COD games, MW3 will also have a Shit community. Immaturity at it's finest.