Joystiq - Need for Speed: The Run preview: Getting back behind the wheel

JOYSTIQ:""You're not trying to get first, you're trying to make up ground," Need for Speed: The Run producer Alex Grimbley explained to me during a demo session in midtown Manhattan last week. Rather than putting priority on being the absolute first during individual races, The Run focuses on an overall place in a cross-country race, amounting to roughly 200 miles of in-game track spread across the US. And yes, it'll allow you to go back to individual areas and work on improving track times.

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HSx92488d ago

Hate these racing games (NFS) the cars feel fake, the physics are fake, the other racers always seem to catch up to you no matter how far and how good you are driving, Cops always catch up to you no matter how fast you're driving, enemies will magically slow down if you are too far from them, there is no skill required just pure acceleration and fake drifting.

Godchild10202488d ago

Underground did it best. You could over lap a racer 2 times depending on how long or short the track was.