Why I think Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is a great idea

Jake from, a long time fan of the MvC series wants more added to this years blockbuster!

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Shok2546d ago

Why I think this article is a stupid idea:

This is pure cash-in. They did the same thing with SSF4. And if Capcom keeps succeeding with this, more companies will follow, further screwing us gamers.

RockmanII72545d ago

$40 for 12 characters, 8 maps, and rebalancing is a good deal. If you don't like it just stick with MvC3 they're not forcing you to upgrade.

hamoor2545d ago

which all of them should be included in the original mvc3

i mean did you ever heard about a game that got LESS content than it predecessor?

Larry L2545d ago

I DO think Ultimate MvC3 is a good idea. In fact I think it's a great idea. What's NOT a great idea however, is ONCE AGAIN not putting in the characters people actually WANT and have demanded, when you have such a perfect chance to do so. (of course this is ASSuming on my part that the leaked full roster is true, in fact I even suspect it's not completely accurate, a ruse on Capcom's part perhaps.)

maniacmayhem2545d ago

Too funny the logic of some people. So we paid 60 for half a game and now an extra 40 for the full...?

I fail to comprehend the "good deal"

VileAndVicious2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

your absolutely right Rockman it IS much cheaper than having to pay 5 bucks per new character. I agree that it seems like a good idea all around. New Stages,new characters, a rebalancing of gameplay.

But for some reason people didnt want any characters as DLC as they feel as though ALL the characters should have been included in the first place.So because people feel as though "Oh well Mvc2 had more characters Mvc3 should as well." They should NEVER add anymore characters as DLC. That makes alot of sense...

Lets not forget that making video games IS a business not a fan service. Sure adding extra content is nice when its free but I dont understand why people feel they are entitled to it. Its completely optional both in part of the devloper and the consumer. Capcom isnt holding a gun to your head forcing you to buy the Ultimate edition fact is you dont have to.

Ps. Oh and Hamoor Tekken 4 had less characters than Tekken 3 did. And Street Fighter Alpha had less than Street Fighter 2.

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tiffac2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

I think the Ultimate edition is not a bad idea, the release date is though.

Capcom should have wiated for a year or so before releasing the next Ed.

Early adopters felt betrayed because of early release date than any other factors.

JaymizNMM2546d ago

Which would rather have...

To pay for 12 characters, stages, modes and costumes for a huge sum


pay a much smaller price for all these things.....

hamoor2545d ago

i would like mvc3 to be a complete package from the first place then they can add what they want after that!

it is so bare-bones and got LESS characters than mvc2!!

at least when super street fighter iv came nobody complained because SFIV itself was very good and full of content worthy of your hard earned money!

Ddouble2544d ago

While i agree that it is a bit bare bones, you can't compare the roster size.

MVC2 ported sprites from other games while each character in MvC3 has a 3d model and were all built from scratch. Even the leaked characters haven't been finished yet.

Like you said if the game had the other features and they just added the 12 characters then i think more people would have welcomed it.

T3MPL3TON 2545d ago


Neither, I'd rather they stop trying to nickel and dime us and put all the characters in the game in the FIRST PLACE.

The only reason they even keep doing this is because people keep being dumb enough to allow it. MVC3 wasn't worth the original price of $60 it damn sure ain't worth another $40.

zerocrossing2545d ago

Im not saying Capcom shouldn't have made Ultimate MVC3 but they definitely should have made the additions available as DLC for those who purchased the original MVC3.

CrescentFang2545d ago

I'm pretty sure a lot of the hate stems from the cancellation of a certain game... (if you know what I mean) and then Capcom announcing shit like there's no tomorrow lol.

hamoor2545d ago

if there is anything worse than capcom greed... then it is people who are happy to get scammed by them!

mvc3 was sooo barebones and it lacks a lot of features that a lot of fighting games had.
hell! even super smash brawl got a lot more content and replay value than mvc3!

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