Saints Row Has 'Aggressive' Sales Target, Labeled 'Most Outrageous Game Ever Made'

THQ just had a very disappointing quarter and it's clear that the publisher is putting its eggs into the holiday basket, especially with Saints Row: The Third, which is already on track to set a pre-order record for the company. Anyone who attended E3 or drove near the Los Angeles Convention Center during E3 knows that THQ is serious about the game - the ads were literally all over the LACC and on Figueroa Street. IndustryGamers spoke with THQ Core Games boss Danny Bilson about the importance of this title.

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Merivigian2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

And beat Duke Nukem Forever? I hope not, we only need one of those games. Either way, I'm not going to touch this game with a 50 ft pole. Skyrim and Arkham City are plenty for me.

donniebaseball2580d ago

Regardless of what Bilson says, I think Saints Row absolutely is hurt by the abundance of other AAA games this fall like Gears 3, MW3, Uncharted, Skyrim, etc.

2580d ago
Sinner101GR2580d ago

Im not seeing 'most outrageous'

Someone obviously hasn't played Postal.