Driver: San Francisco - Escapist Gameplay

Can you break away from the cops and make a clean getaway?

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Tommykrem2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

That wasn't too impressive.
He kept repeating the same lines over and over again and car variety was hardly that impressive. The system that allows you to control other vehicles also looked a bit clumsy, but that could be because the driver in this case was clumsy.
Still looking forward to the game, but I think the developers might want to look into a thing or two.

Ja555on2574d ago

Well those are the sort of things that hopefully will be improved before the release

MintBerryCrunch2574d ago

has to be rated Teen if every pedestrian is super human, avoiding the car whenever you got close

RowSand2574d ago

so this is new way to hijack a another car? wtf-- will it works in real life??

tenacious_b2574d ago

Honestly it looks fun. The voice acting is TERRIBLE but the gameplay looks fun while lacking variety. Would make for a great rental.