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news4geeks2578d ago

That dialogue is so cheesy. Driver used to be cool...

CaptainMarvelQ82578d ago

That,and the shitty car transforming mechanic.Who thought of that idea? it SUCKS! This is no longer the driver i remember playing back.What's wrong with developers ruining games these days instead of expanding on what truly made them unique and fun?

Ja555on2578d ago

The graphics and animations at the beginning were awesome

MintBerryCrunch2578d ago

It's like they took every one liner from all of Uwe Boll's movies and they decided to put them into this game

RowSand2578d ago

lol at shift system.. wtf? are we that stupid?? im not gonna buy it.. i hope the flops

SolidStoner2578d ago

Old driver games was one of my favorites... but this new one is just stupid, it looks like its rated for 3+ - 16 years old maximum...

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