RipTen Review: From Dust (XBLA)

RipTen - From Dust is a great way to exert any God-like cravings you may have, but as a game itself it can often feel very frustrating and shallow. The technical aspects are easily the standout features, as it’s often more fun to just play with nature, than it is actually completing goals. However, combining the manipulation of different materials with the powers you attain through saving your tribesman makes for a wacky sandbox that fans of God games should definitely seek out, even if you’re not familiar with the genre.

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xPhearR3dx2371d ago

Downloaded the trial, pretty interesting game but a have a few minor complaints. Might pick it up, haven't decided yet.

CrzyFooL2371d ago

Summer of arcade is on fiyah! I want this after im done with Bastion

Alexrubens2371d ago

This will be my next title after Bastion!

Kreyg2371d ago

This is next on the list of many games that I want to buy.

candybeans2371d ago

I actually want two Summer of Arcade titles, and that's so unlike me. This and Bastion have to come to me.

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