Konami announces demo on PlayStation Network for No More Heroes: Paradise

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. announced that the demo for No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise is available to download today on the PlayStation®Network.

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frjoethesecond2307d ago

I downloaded this ages ago in europe.

SageHonor2307d ago

lol so did I. On my UK account..Ahh the benefits of multiple accounts

2307d ago
d3nworth12307d ago

I was on the edge on wether I should get it or not but after playing the demo I preordered it hopefully the fix that horrendous screen tearing in the full version.

2307d ago
andron6662306d ago

I'm playing it now, and there is still screen tearing. Technically the games is somewhat of a mess, especially the bike and city sections. The porting from Wii hasn't been done very well.

But I enjoy the gameplay and in the fighting parts you often don't notice the screen tearing, but it's really distraction in cut scenes...