Has music in video games gone down hill?

Has music in video games gone down hill?

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mcmmaster2462d ago

I don't believe its gone downhill, Its just not getting much recognition these days, still some great vgm out there

jacksheen00002462d ago

The quality of gaming music hasn't gone down but the likable melodies/and the pursuit of making a theme for a particular game has gone down a lot. That said, I haven't heard a musical track that was captivating to me since the SNES days. Hope that will change someday.

Ace_Man_62462d ago

how did this "story" get approved?! of course it hasn't

CrescentFang2462d ago

hehe, you just need to find more games to listen to. Touhou for example, my god... it's just too awesome. Falcom (name for both the company and band) has been making awesome music and games since 1981!
The popular Japanese composers (Mitsuda, Nomura, Sugiyama, etc.) are pushing out quality stuff most of the time and even if it's mediocre, I still liked most of their OSTs.
Shoji Meguro has been getting popular, since he is mostly related to any MegaTen related game.
Motoi Sakuraba - he works on like 4-6 games a year, so don't expect ultra spectacular OSTs from him. He seems to be running out of ideas, but he's just overworking it. He has some of the most legendary soundtracks in history...
There's too much to talk about video game OSTs tbh :)
I don't have anything westrn related sorry folks :( I mostly play Japanese games... I said this in a "video game logos" article on here, it is quite facinating how Japnese developers look at their games. The music is no exception.