Metroid is 25 next week!

Metroid is 25 next week and what is Nintendo doing about it..Read on!

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zerocrossing2310d ago

Bet we wont be seeing much of a celebration, No matter how great Metroid is it hardly gets the recognition it deserves.

Gen0ne2309d ago

You're right and it kills me, I tell you. It kills me.

Chrono2309d ago

They better make a new 2D game.

jacksonmichael2309d ago

Seeing that Metroid is the foundation for the awesome aspects of my favorite series (Castlevania), I am really hoping they do some sort of celebration. Sorry for any typos, I'm incredibly drunk.

2309d ago
Venox20082309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

metroid is one of the best game series ever made.. love ya samus, happy upcoming b-day :)*

edit: WOW I've only saw now, that Samus b-day IS ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!! WOW two celebrations at once! :) but I'll be Samus is 1 year older than me ;)

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