Disappointing sales for Red Faction: Armageddon

DSOGaming writes: "THQ revealed today their earnings report for the first quarter of fiscal year 2012 and quite shockingly, Red Faction: Armageddon didn't match the company's expectations."

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trainsinrdr2335d ago

Maybe if they kept it open world it would have done better...

badvlad2335d ago

agreed never change a winning concept

StanLee2335d ago

The game looked like crap and played like crap. At least Red Faction: Guerrilla was fun. The story, which they seem to place the greatest focus on was just rubbish.

ATi_Elite2335d ago

Now that they have officially run The Red Faction franchise into the ground.

How about THQ go back and start over by remaking Red Faction 1 into a HD remake then start making proper sequels to the game that made me buy a PS2 in the first place.

SageHonor2335d ago

Why did they make it a linear Third-Person shooter?

Quagmire2335d ago

So that they can ruin the franchise, what other reason would THQ have?

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wicko2335d ago

Demo was awful - a shame because guerrilla was actually pretty good.

metsgaming2335d ago

the demo was terrible i played both demos when they came out and the last game was so much better. Armageddon gave me a headache it was so bad just awful.

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pumpactionpimp2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )


THQ's strategy= take away everything that made the last game popular, then wonder why nobody likes the new one.

JsonHenry2335d ago

I know!! First Supreme Commander 2, then Dungeon Siege 3, now this. Whoever is in charge over there needs to be replaced with the old guy. And quick.

callahan092335d ago

Dungeon Siege 3 was Square-Enix / Eidos.

joeyjoeyjoejoe2335d ago

didn't buy it...I would have if it was open world....

archemides5182335d ago

nobody even rents this game at redbox, it's always there, for both systems

even wii 90 games party pack gets rented more...and brink

BakedGoods2335d ago

Wow Brink? What an insult to Armageddon.

ian722335d ago

Its a game I'm quite interested in, the destruction and magnet gun mostly, but not at full price. When it drops in price, (quite a lot), then I'll get it.

jetlian2335d ago

here. It was an ok demo just not full price and since last year I stop buying games from june till like sept to catch up on my back log!

I'll get this later. Glad its not open world. Last one had you driving 10 mins for 3 min missions!

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