Madden NFL 12: NFC East Team Ratings

XMNR: The Madden NFL 12 team ratings for all the AFC teams is complete and now EA Sports has started to reveal the team ratings for the NFC. The first division from the elder conference to be rated in the PS3 and Xbox 360 football sim is the NFC East.

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Bleucrunch2492d ago

I have been sooo dissapointed with Madden for years now...its doesn't even make sense to buy this rehashing every year...thats what happens when you dont have competition in this industry...people can do whatever they want without consequence....hopefully that changes in the next couple of years.

GoldPS32492d ago

Agreed. I used to like Madden back in 2004. The competition was good with 2K. 2K sales was getting good(because 2K was better than Madden)and then EA got scared and bought NFL license.

MintBerryCrunch2492d ago

no emphasis of coaching changes making any sort of influence on the game, there really is no point to coaches in the game since its the same plays used over and over again for each team

rattlesnake252492d ago

nfc east is good division. disappointed in the redskins the last few years.

NoobJobz2492d ago

Who cares about the ratings? We all know they're going to change Day 1 because free agency just started. These team ratings are useless right now.