Why Pokemon Will Always Rule the World

Gamers of all ages love the Pokemon series of RPGs. But why? Bright Hub takes a look at the famed monster-catching series and discusses the mass appeal of this beloved franchise and why it will never go away, which is definitely a good thing.

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CaptainSheep2490d ago

This article made me love Pokemon even more than I do now...
**goes to play some more PKMN Black**

theonlylolking2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Pokemon on the handhelds have been the same game with the only change being the look of the game, region, and the new pokemon. The story is pretty much always the same.

First you gotta save the professor(not in black or white), choose from one of the three pokemon, girl or boy comes and teaches you how to battle, boy or girl then teaches you how to catch pokemon, boy or girl comes back again to see how much pokemon you have caught, try to dodge trainers, enter the first city, then you beat the gym leader, First Gym leader now talks for a long time, then you leave the gym and boy or girl talks, then when trying to leave a city the boy or girl teams up with you to fight the team(name here), then you are off onto the other gyms, you are now getting close to fighting the team(name here) leader with your legendary pokemon, after you beat him the leader will say that he/she is wrong and lets the legendary pokemon he/she has leave.

That is how the pokemon games have had the story for a LONG time. Except the problem is that I keep going back to pokemon even though its the same thing over and over and over again =/

TheSanchezDavid2490d ago

It's insane how addictive and enjoyable this series can be without changing much over the years.

ndl15312489d ago

not for me. ive always hated the pokemon franchise . i remember when i got pokemon blue for the gameboy way back then i was excited then i popped it in and was like WTF is this? it felt old like ff1 or 2 on the gameboy . luckily ebgames still had that return your new game for a full refund policy . i returned that $hit and never looked back . sure i tried other entries but it seems like they dont try too hard when making them especially the animation its HORIBLE or like non existent . they dont try to change it either so no pokemon for me thanks . until i actually see an evolution or atleast add freakin more animation to your dam characters and monsters i don't see the fuss ......

Hicken2489d ago

Something that didn't always rule the world can not go on to always rule the world.

That aside, the Pokemon games are fun, and seemed to have hit upon a formula that requires little change.