GameInformer: From Dust Review

GameInformer: "From Dust sometimes suffers from pathing problems that make leading AI tribesmen frustrating since players have no control over which direction they take. The villagers occasionally get stuck in geometry or take the least-efficient route despite your best environmental efforts, costing you precious time between timed natural disasters and leading to do-overs. These issues aren’t frequent enough to detract from the overall experience, but are annoying on the more challenging maps later in the game.

From Dust also offers challenge maps to complement the main campaign. The maps give players bite-sized timed tasks such as safely leading villagers across canals or dousing raging fires with water. While the challenges offer some light entertainment, you’ll likely sink the most time into playing deity in the main game. With a great variety of maps and tons of secrets to uncover, From Dust’s amorphous sandbox ensures a consistently entertaining journey."

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Cpt_kitten2458d ago

game is awesome, though i was kinda of expecting a simcity type where you didnt have to worry about a giant tidal wave or volcanoe and just do what ever to help the people.....or ruin there lives

catguykyou2458d ago

The end is kind of like that. I got the game yesterday and beat it yesterday. I enjoyed it.

Motorola2458d ago

I knew it was a good game. Gonna get this...