Heroes of Ruin Hands-On At The Nintendo Showcase

Gamer Gaia's Raza Hussain writes, "Square Enix brought a very early build of its newest IP Heroes of Ruin to the Nintendo Showcase during the week. I was happy to join a member of the team as they guided me through one of the levels. The build had its fair share of issues; however, from what we were shown, n-Space is clearly developing a game unlike Square Enix’s usual Japanese fare."

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pungello882576d ago

Very cool, I'll have to look into this game now.

pixboy2576d ago

Yeah it kind of came out of nowhere, if online is good i might keep an eye on it.

Xof2576d ago

From what I've heard, it's like a Diablo-clone, w/ some fairly iffy controls, but still a lot of fun. So I'll be checking it out.

Of course, I've been following gaming enough to realize that "very early build" is actually code for, "the game kind of sucks, and that's not likely to change before it's launched, but we need you excited for the game in hopes that you'll buy it on day 1."

ares21al2575d ago

Looks interesting. SE seems to do some nice games from time to time.