GameInformer: Catherine Review

GameInformer: "My fleeting happy memories of Catherine will always be poisoned by soul-crushing thoughts of what could have been. In its first in-house-developed HD release, Atlus has crafted something rare and wonderful, a video game that is about so much more than killing people. But the potential impact of this experience is weakened considerably by the block puzzles, segments so shamelessly gamey and out-of-place in the narrative that they include a score tally and reward medals based on your performance.

Sadly, even the story of Catherine doesn’t pay off entirely. While I was fully wrapped up in the trials of Vincent and his handful of friends, the game’s "morality scale" is mostly affected via simple two-choice questions that are asked at the end of every puzzle area – thoughtful queries such as, "Does life begin or end at marriage?" These inquiries provide plenty of food for thought, but it’s strange that the plot (which features eight different endings) is determined by these questions rather than by in-game decisions Vincent makes."

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hilyou2458d ago

i dont get why it got a 7, shouldve got a 9 or 8.

Cpt_kitten2458d ago

cause some reviewers will never admit a game is good when its amazing

sickbird2458d ago

because reviews are opinions and in his OPINION its a 7/10.

v1c1ous2458d ago

a 7/10 = BAD game!
70% is a failing GRADE!

Cpt_kitten2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

or the reviewers are just bad at giving an un-bias review which is true

bangoskank2458d ago

True. What makes someone a "professional" game critic anyway? I think "Brotherhood" sucks while millions would disagree. I could present to you several reasons as to why I dislike it but my critique would mean nothing to adoring fans yet my word is just as valid as that fat douchebag's from IGN; and I've been gaming since before he was spat out of his mother's vagina. I think game critics are a joke. I wouldn't mind having the job but if I did it wouldn't stop me from thinking that my career was absurd.

TheDivine2458d ago

A 7 is still a great game 9 is amost perfect like zelda oot for example. People hand out perfect scres too often. I havnt played it except the demo but i love it, still its HIS opinion. Im getting it whether it got all 5's across the board, people put too much stock in reviews and get mad at 7's and 8's. This is whats wrong with gaming dev feel like they have to get a 9 in metacritic to sell games these days.

schlanz2458d ago

please explain how the actual game part of Catherine is worth a 9, somebody

StarWolf2458d ago

challenging, fun, thrill, , etc .

bangoskank2458d ago

Addictive. The best games are the ones that keep you up all night trying to beat a level when you know full well that you should be sleeping. Needless to say work sucked today. Oh, the art direction is one of the best I've seen in a while and everything else is solid as well.