Report: Half Of Netflix Subscribers Stream Through Consoles

Gamasutra: "A new survey of Netflix subscribers finds half of them streaming TV and movie content through a home video game console, with half of those users using the Wii as a Netflix streaming box.

The Nielsen report, based on 12,000 online interviews conducted in March, determined that 25 percent of Netflix subscribers were using the Wii to stream video content, with 13 percent using a PS3 and 12 percent using Xbox Live for the same purpose."

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EYEamNUMBER12579d ago

ever since the recent price hike im thinking of actually just cancelling my subscription until streaming becomes relevant

i can't tell you how many times i think of something i would want to watch only for it to be DVD ONLY but its not like i can just order the DVD they took that option away

all im stuck with is 50% B rate and below movies on streaming

dc12579d ago

Well, I'm adjusting my subscription to the stream only option.
The kids are happy,.. My wife movies eventuality make it there... and I can watch the martial arts flixs and documentaries any time I like.

Regarding the viewing options: it a 50/50 split between the consoles and the PCs in our home.

consolez_FTW2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

yeah man, only thing left of Netflix streaming that is good imo is some of the anime and I like some of the documentaries they have on streaming, but it's only a matter of time I run out of anime to watch and documentaries to enjoy...

rbluetank2579d ago

well said! i am canceling my netflix in september before the hike!

gamingdroid2579d ago

I find Netflix has quite a deal, only $8/month for unlimited streaming on multiple devices. I can't even get basic cable (read 23 [email protected] channels) for $8/month from Comcast and they charge me installation fee! Want an extra TV, they charge you for that too!

It's an amazing deal, and I'm surprised they didn't raise the price sooner. More and more recent content is coming to the library and it is improving rapidly. Just a year ago, all there was indie movies and now we get "Avatar: Last Airbender" that just released in 2010.

kingPoS2579d ago


I certainly appreciate netflix's growing library.
Shows like Ironman armored adventures(heh heh), Battle Star 2004 & '24' have sucked me in.

About that Avatar movie you mentioned, watch the movie version before the tv show. That way you bite on a snack first then enjoy the seven course meal.

But if you've seen the Avatar show 1st......

GrandTheftZamboni2579d ago

It is quite a deal. I can use my Netflix account on 6 devices: PS3, TV, Blu-ray player, laptop, PC at home and PC at work. It sucks it doesn't work on Dash yet here in Canada and Silverlight gets stuck every once in a while. I noticed that some shows like Running Wilde aren't available for streaming anymore. Overall, I'm very happy with Netflix.

air12579d ago

I already canceled mine. Well, not really I keep forgetting to but I most def will be canceling it.

The nerve that they got to start charging for stream as if they have nothing but good movies to watch. It's nothing but greed, ppl actually start to stream a movie here and their and now they want to add it as a different service and charge? Fvck outa here.

starcb262579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

I think they're taking some stuff off of streaming too. Just so you feel like you have to subscribe to both.

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divideby02579d ago

I keep changing emails and keep getting free monthly subs...
IV has such a weak lineup for anyone who has cable, that in a month you can see all there is...and 2 months later get another free sub.. if you dont know how to reset your me...

Raven_Nomad2579d ago

Still cheaper then cable. I use Netflix to stream and to get a DVD in the mail. I use the mail sent DVD for new releases and I use the stream for my Xbox 360 to view television shows or older movies.

Cant beat the content offered by Netflix. The small rate increase will only get us more content in the end. There is always something interesting on Netflix.

divideby02579d ago

red box rocks.... cant beat the price and with online purchase, at least in my area which is rural... get 1st run movies and drop them off anywhere

tplarkin72579d ago

Nielsen Report is quickly becoming irrelevant. When 3% of Wii users claim to use a service that doesn't exist (Hulu), we have to wonder about the validity of the rest of the data.

BabyTownFrolics2579d ago

netflix streaming + netflix dvds/bluray + handbrake =
the cheapest way to have the most robust filma and TV collection for the price of one retail dvd per month.

I dont know what people are complaining about. If you love film and I'm not just talking about hollywood fluff, but real creative (and sometimes obscure film) paying around 20.00 bucks a month for streaming and discs that you can easily rip with handbrake. how could you not be in heaven?

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