Sony Engineers Discuss the PSP Remaster Project

1UP: "The PSP Remaster project, first announced in May and discussed in detail at a developer event in Tokyo last month, allows game makers to take PSP titles and emulate them on the PlayStation 3. They're free to add HD-level graphics, surround-sound, 3D visual support, save-game transferring between the PS3 and PSP, and even completely new features not seen in the PSP original. The project is hot news in Japan right now, chiefly because its first launch title -- due out August 25 over there -- is an HD-compatible version of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, the PSP killer app that's sold nearly 4.5 million copies across Asia.

According to Teiji Yutaka, member of the Software Solutions division of Sony Computer Entertainment that headed the project, PSP Remaster got its start with the previous PSone Classics project and other PS3 emulation efforts. "We were developing this emulation platform," he told Famitsu magazine in this week's issue, "and through it we came to realize that we might be able to get the PSP running in realtime on the PS3 without much problem. It was our talented engineers that made it happen."

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Miiikeyyy2546d ago

What about the rest of the world? I want Monster hunter for my PS3 tooo!

Myst2546d ago

I shall rally under this person and demand said game of Hunting Monsters as well! Not only that but we would like to explore the new frontier as well! (Monster Hunter Frontier)

ShoryukenII2546d ago

It would be awesome if we shared servers with the Asians (in case it doesn't do too well here). If they don't trust us to buy it they can make it downloadable. :)

Aggesan2546d ago

How about Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3 for the ps3? That would be awesome!

tiffac2546d ago

well VC2 is already out on the PSP but VC3 doesn't have a western release date. So how about a PSV in HD release instead? That would be awesome >.<

Miiikeyyy2545d ago

Also, If Monster Hunter came out on PS3 it would it would boost the PS3 sales my a ton! Alot of people bought a PS3 just for monster hunter back in 2006, but Crapcom screwed them over by moving it to Wii.

Myst2545d ago

Yeah but in that same year Capcom stated that they would give those people something ( a hint that it may be dropped on PS3 ). Have yet to see anything of that magnitude of Monster Hunter come about :/

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George Sears2546d ago

Well judging by the fact that Capcom USA have been trying to push it here yet Japan doesn't give two shits I doubt we will see this anytime soon. Why? I guess Capcom just likes to ruin what they have already established.

egidem2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Monster Hunter, Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7, Dissidia FF all on my PS3...



ThatArtGuy2546d ago

If the PSP is that easy to emulate, maybe the PS2 will have a tool soon as well.

Ocelot5252546d ago

except the ps2 isn't that easy to emulate

Ulf2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

The PSP is a very simple architecture, with a single CPU, and a single, fixed-function GPU.

The PS2 is not so simple. It has a CPU with 2 vector processors, and something of a programmable GPU. Not so easy to emulate, because keeping all those units working together and simulating the timely communication between them is very difficult.

ThatArtGuy2546d ago

True, but Sony has all the documentation, which makes worlds of difference.

iWishTifaWasReal2546d ago

Kingdom Hearts BBC


WhiteLightning2546d ago

and Dissidia Final Fantasy :)

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2546d ago

Bring me Resistance Retribution and I'll be happy.

TruthbeTold2546d ago

Here's hoping for Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3. They don't even have to really upgrade it much. Just make them available Sega.

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