9.0 Reviews Limbo for the PSN

TerminalGamer writes:

Limbo was released last year to accolades from multiple gaming sites, and was even crowned Downloadable Game of the Year by one. PlayStation 3 owners were left waiting, and the wait is finally over. Is a year old game worth the price, or should it be left in the dark? Read our review to find out.

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ftwrthtx2546d ago

Some of the deaths are pretty horrific. Great game though.

Sev2546d ago

Love this game so much.

ftwrthtx2546d ago

Totally agree. Why did we have to wait so damn long?

metsgaming2546d ago

for some reason i laughed during the demo when i got killed by that spider, i jumped at first not expecting it but it was hilarious for some reason idk why hahah. Then i tried to run past it and i kicked me i laughed and it impaled and threw the body so funny. Its odd because its not supposed to be.