Ed Boon: More ‘MK 9′ DLC Possible; Next ‘Mortal Kombat’ Game Will Be 2D

Ben Kendrick of Game Rant writes: "We spoke with ‘Mortal Kombat’ creator Ed Boon at Comic Con 2011 regarding the possibility of more ‘Mortal Kombat’ DLC characters and what to expect from the next title in the ‘MK’ series."

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CrimsonEngage2577d ago

Already can't wait. I think the Mortal Kombat [9] Reboot is the best MK game since UMK3. Glad they are sticking with 2D and i'll buy day one!

Dart892577d ago

I agree and can't wait to ge MK1,MK2, and UMK3 on psn for $10.

joydestroy2577d ago

they sold me with MK9. first MK title i've ever owned and i really really love it. easily one of my fav games this year.

x5exotic2577d ago

Bring back kratos again XD

user83971442577d ago

Yes and the old freddy! Not the new one.

Sub-Zero852577d ago

It has already been worked out between Sony/Santa Monica Studio & NRS to use Kratos in the upcoming future MK games so he will be in the next game !!!

x5exotic2577d ago

and Raiden from MGS would be awesome, and Sephiroth,,,idc just bring all awesome people :P

KING_KAI2577d ago

as long as they bring in this guy i couldnt care if it was 8d

Rynx2577d ago


as mush as I like to hear that I still would like a source from where you got that info.

Anyway, they should add Sweet Tooth as DLC

JohnApocalypse2577d ago

When he means 2D he means 2.5D right?

x5exotic2577d ago

wasn't MK9 2.5 already? what is 2.5? like 2D but can go left/right by quickly pressing up/down right???

EazyC2577d ago

2.5D is a world that is seemingly 3D, yet you can only move around as if it were a 2D plane. I think.

Foxgod2577d ago

2.5d is actually like paper mario on the wii.
You can move in multiple directions, like in a 3d world, but only on a 2d plane.

Mortal kombat is simply 2d rendered with 3d graphics.
If you want real 2.5d check out paper mario wii.

maxmill2577d ago

they should make umk9 in about a year in a half, than release mk10 as a next gen title

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The story is too old to be commented.