Hands On Preview: Resident Evil Revelations Is A Graphical Powerhouse -StickTwiddlers

Micster from StickTwiddlers heads to Hyper Japan to see first hand if Resident Evil Revelations looks as amazing as we’ve been lead to believe.

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kramun2459d ago

Really looking forward to this, got myself a 3ds with 4 games for less than £150 today. SF4 is great on it.

dgroundwater2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

It looks promising. I want them to nail the pacing like RE4's, and actually deliver scares and action after some less intense puzzle solving and adventuring.

Still won't buy a 3DS till the Lite. I'd think it will come out next year.

Hozi892459d ago

I'll get it if it's coming to PSVita. since I'd prefer to play an RE game with 2 joy sticks.