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Skyrim Takes Lessons from Fallout Regarding Enemies

Bethesda say that Skyrim has taken many lessons regarding enemy encounters from Fallout 3, because Oblivion's approach was too harsh. (PC, PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox 360)

RedDead  +   1440d ago
too harsh? Too fu**ing Harsh? It was piss easy once you knew what you were doing with leveling up, Fallout New vegas though, follow that for enemies, that was good for them imo. You had places you couldn't go from the start. Deathclaw valley haha, however that was also stupid because you could just cheat the game out of it. I beat them wiht a hunting rifle and well...annabelle actually, Ai was retarded
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dude_meister  +   1440d ago
Yeah it wasn't hard at all, the only time it'd get a bit hairy was when you'd be trying to sneak, and mess it up, but even then you could get out of it most of the time.
Bolts  +   1440d ago
Oblivion was never hard. I have no idea WTF he's talking about. But Fallout is a completely different beast than Skyrim. In Fallout some people would play the brainy smooth talker so their combat skills might not be up to par and the game must account for that.
HeavenlySnipes  +   1439d ago
It was utter BS. Especially if you were like me and never knew about the enemies leveling along side you. One day you only see wolves outside, the next there are fucking bears and lions roaming about. If you level up wrong (the way I did my first halfplay through before I gave up and restarted) you'll get fucked in the ass by the enemies.

Play the game on max difficulty (no PC mods, I have it for the 360) before you come here and say Oblivion was piss easy.
Darkfocus  +   1439d ago
I played on max it was piss easy.
ASSASSYN 36o  +   1439d ago
I got around the deathclaws easy from the beggining of the game in new Vegas. No I couldn't fight them. But you could easily walk around them onto of the hills to the right of death claws warning areas.
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Cpt_kitten  +   1439d ago
so whats the point in having a game made for open world and exploration if you can't explore right from the start? NV was horrible cause i wanted to explore and unless you follow the story you can't go anywhere....yeah some fairness there, but then again fallout 3 was fun NV was a disaster but neither beat elder scrolls....fallout is brown and boring whereas ES is colorful and rich in lore to learn
venantius  +   1440d ago
Howard continued, "We find that most players, even if they run into something hard and we think they should leave, will beat their head against that wall - because they are not a pussy. So we give the player a lot of devices to get through that - if they want to expend all their resources to get through that event, they can."

ahahaha, best quote ever
Lelouch  +   1440d ago
Lol awesome
DanSolo  +   1440d ago
You never know, some people might decide all that danger is just not worth it... and go and take up a career chopping wood... now that it is an option!

Spend 8 hours a day chopping wood, and then go to the tavern for a few drinks, then get up the next day and do the same... now that would be really stupid.... Oh wait.... sounds a little bit like most people's lives!
Ocelot525  +   1440d ago
you just had to rub it in, didn't you?
Ser  +   1440d ago
I did a double take when I read that. Too funny!
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MrSpace  +   1440d ago
I didn't find it harsh...I thought it was quite fun, it was like "watch where your going" when you explored.

Besides if it's taking pages out of Fallout 3's book maybe they won't have random treasure now, I mean I got a water walking necklace from the first chest after coming out of the sewer. I want it to be like Fallout 3 with it's unqiue weapons, so for example a unqiue powerful staff which is in a tower/dungeon protected by high leveled skeletons and zombies...maybe the boss could be a high leveled mage, it would be a difficult task if you've just started the game but that's what I would like. In F3 I went (with stealth boys) to Deathclaw sancutary and I got the Vengence, it was tough but I like the challenge and getting that amazing unique weapon payed off in the end. Hopefully Skyrim will have those types of things.
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Kakihara  +   1440d ago
This is good news. I'm still on my first playthrough of Oblivion after buying it a few weeks ago and the enemy levelling can be annoying.

It's not a case of it getting too difficult but rather not being able to have that 'check out my new toy' moment. it's annoying levelling yourself up so you can use a new cool looking spell then when you get it and want to go kicking ass with it, it turns out the enemies are stronger so the spell in practice is weaker than your old one.

Also, I hope one of the other things they've taken from Fallout is the emphasis on interesting random encounters and individual places rather than cookie cutter dungeons that are only good for finding random loot.

Still though I'm loving Oblivion and can not wait for Skyrim.
Clipper13  +   1439d ago
Who disagreed with this? That's what happens in Oblivion, every time you level the enemies level as well.I grinded one of my characters to level 107. It can take A long freakin time to kill an Ogre when the bastard is level 107.
MoreRPG  +   1440d ago
good news
i remember fighting umbra on the hardest difficulty i couldn't do shit to her i have to run to the main city where she fought against 10 to 20 guards before she died
theonlylolking  +   1439d ago
Fallout PWNS elder scrolls.
MysticStrummer  +   1439d ago
Harrumph! (I strongly disagree)
TheBand1t  +   1439d ago
Didn't like Oblivion much, loved Fallout, will probably get Skyrim if they fix what I thought was wrong with Oblivion (boring as fuck to explore due to lack of anything interesting)
vickers500  +   1439d ago
TES vs Fallout

Oblivion > Fallout

Characters/NPC interaction
Oblivion < Fallout

Open world
Oblivion < Fallout (debatable, but fallouts wasteland seems more detailed than oblivions)

Overall, I prefer Fallout to Oblivion, but that's just because I prefer guns/explosives/survival to swords/magic/questtosavethewor ld.

Though after reading about some of the changes Skyrim is introducing and understanding Oblivion a lot more than I did before, I gotta say I'm extremely excited for Skyrim, as it has fixed a few of my qualms with Oblivion and looks to change a lot of things that I never thought of being negatives for the better (example, no class decision at the beginning of the game, as I do not know in the beginning exactly what type of character I want to play), and no longer zooming in on the faces will make interacting with npcs much more enjoyable and a lot less robotic as well.

From one of the videos I saw, it also looks like they will have normal everyday accents and not that middle ages speak where every sentence is coated in metaphors and poetry (even when it's something trivial that could be said in like 2 or 3 less sentences). I understand why it was in there, as that's how they talked back then, I just didn't like it, but from one of the videos I saw, it appeared they were speaking with more normal/modern accents, so if true, will greatly increase my experience with skyrim and the lack of interest I had in the characters (also that they are adding a lot more voice actors).

If Skyrim is anything how I think it will be, then I predict I will enjoy it more than Fallout 3. I'm pretty hyped for it.
GamerPS360  +   1439d ago
don't do vat. I hated that. Made game too easy.
Whore_Mouth  +   1439d ago
Calm down everybody.

This guy is just taking another's interview, changing some words around. Adding the word "pussy" , then passing it off as their own.
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Lazy_Sunday  +   1439d ago
Oblivion was pretty difficult if you decided to make the game play that way.
If you put the game on 0%, you could kill an Imperial guard within minutes of leaving the sewers. You put it on even 75% and you'd have to be loaded with potions just to take on one single guard, considering all the time it would take you to kill him without being around much later levels--and even then, it would take some time, since the game's AI levels with you until level 15 or 20.
The game is only easy because it gives you the choice to be easy. Much like how ludicrous it is to play World At War on Veteran, because of all the grenades and 1-shots.
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Cpt_kitten  +   1439d ago
Fallout NV you were forced to follow the story cause one step you took after the tutorial area you get mauled by giant scorpians if you go the wrong

ES is all about the open world exploration so that is gonna be be choked till your a really high level which is disappointing
Solidus187-SCMilk  +   1439d ago
I hope that you can chop off their legs, arms, and heads in Skyrm. That would be awesome.

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