Are Dedicated Gaming Handhelds on The Way Out?

The Mind of Game writes - "The mobile gaming industry has changed…perhaps forever. Just a few short years ago, this was an industry that belonged almost entirely to Nintendo and Sony. Playing games on a phone was nothing more than a cheap novelty, nothing to be taken seriously. Who would’ve thought that the two of them would cede significant marketshare to Apple? Who would’ve thought that the iPhone of all things would become one of the most popular gaming platforms on the planet? This isn’t me boasting about Apple’s success on their behalf (their marketing department has that taken care of); I’m just pointing out a few facts."

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liveActionLeveler2548d ago

There are a ridiculous amount of articles like this. The mobile space taking over dedicated handhelds is not a future I would like. Reading stuff like this is just depressing. I hope for the best for the Vita and 3DS!

Stealth2k2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Dont worry. The 3ds is number 1 in japan with the ds lines and psp not far behind and in the US the 3ds is selling far better than the ds did during the same time period ( Were the ds selling 50k a month was common). Analysts have the 3ds on the 100 mil pace, and all is good in reality. In doom and gloom land there wont be handhelds anymore

Youll learn that you dont have to research or actually have a clue to right an article ( term I am using loosely this is really a blog of some fool and his opinion)

Bereaver2548d ago

I don't see the 3DS hitting 100mil. Right now, there isn't anything pure gaming wise to compete with it except the psp which was released so long ago. When the Vita comes in, it will take a market share percent.

Anyway, this article mostly applies to casual gamers. They've always been there, they've just never had anything to play. Most of those who make a casual purchase over the hardcore purchase wouldn't be buying anything if there wasn't a casual product. They would still be hating on other gamers.

It's almost like a completely different market.

Tachyon_Nova2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

People site that the DS sold slowly in the beginning as a reason why there shouldn't be concern for 3DS's slow sales, and I think it shows a lack of reasoning from them.

People were extremely uncertain about how the dual screen setup of the DS would work for gaming around its release, but in time the games started to really utilise it well, and so these fears were put to rest.

The 3DS's issues are actually real issues, the 3D for example only works within a very limited view angle, making it impossible for games to utlise both 3D and the gyro, and making it near impossible to play 3D games on a bus or train, which is primarily when I would use the device. The 3DS will sell better only if they release major hardware revisions which makes the 3D aspect much more usable. The point being that the DS only needed the games to start coming along for it to suceed, the 3DS is going to need a new hardware model and then have game that utilise it well before it is going to start matching Nintendo's estimates.

superadvanced2548d ago

touch screen only gaming sucks and doesn't work for real games. and real 30 or 40 dollar games will never sell on android market or app store.

gamingdroid2547d ago

The DS didn't really compete with the smartphones when launched back in 2004. There will always be a market for handheld, but it is shrinking.

Many people will find that a smartphone albeit doesn't give you the same experience, it might be close enough that they aren't willing to pay $250+ for another bulky handheld.

Stealth2k2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

The 3ds is on the 100 mil pace and if you actually look at the numbers its supported. Its doing better than the ds by a few million units already.

The vita wont take any more marketshare than the psp did which was a ton in itself

The market for handhelds isnt shrinking. The entire pie is growing. Its the reason why the 3ds is outselling the ds at the same time. And its also the reason why the ds and psp are still selling

People want game machines

@nova. False

The ds needed new hardware before it sold too

The ds was a a flop for 2 years.

The 3ds isnt showing those signs as its actually in first place in japan.

And the 3ds was only 400k behind expectations. Nintendo was dissapointed in that. They never said actual sales were bad in fact theve said the opposite

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clearelite2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Yes, literally the 100th article like this I have seen on here, very original. I wonder if it is just a marketing scam. Personally, I don't do "phone gaming" and probably never will. I know there are millions of people like this out there as well.

Rynx2548d ago

*in response to article's question

yes, yes they are... with a "/s"


no, no they aren't... followed by a "/facepalm"

egidem2548d ago

Let's also not forget the opposite side (media) that these sleeping guys are talking about: That the console market is dying.

The media usually has a field day when a so called "Industry Expert" is invited to talk about this. Then he says something silly as "Angry birds will take over the world. I guarantee you that by the end of this year, there will be no more consoles left."

Then the year ends, consoles are still there and he's like "Oh, because the economy tanked....."


starchild2547d ago

I'm getting the PS Vita and no mobile phone or tablet can do what it does. I want hardcore gaming experiences, not simple casual games. I mean, I will play casual games sometimes, but it's not the 'meat' of my gaming time.

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iPhoneGeek2548d ago

I have to agree. With iPhone, you can play some really good games that are better than some console games. Why pay hundreds on a handheld when you can get an iPhone for $200. You can do way more than just play games.

Stealth2k2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

hahahahaha yeah right. The best games on Ios dont even touch the worst stuff you can get on the ds or psp

Yes you can do way more than just play games. To bad it doesnt play games well

Example: Chaos rings/omega are arguably the best rpgs on ios. They are 10 hours long, with shit controls, a decent story and decent gameplay

Then I can pick any one of 30+ ds/psp square games and pull out something thats deeper, longer, better controlled, and just plain better.

Dragon quest IX or TWENWY or tactics advance 2 for example.

Close_Second2548d ago

I use to think the same way but have been blown away by the quality of games available on tablets and smartphones. If you think its all Angry Birds your fooling yourself.

Question, where to after the Vita and 3DS? These may be the last truely dedicated gaming handhelds.

Tony-Red-Grave2548d ago

so you want me to get the vita?

BubbleSniper2548d ago

I want you to get the VITA

news4geeks2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

I want you to get A vita

Bolts2548d ago

The hardcore mobile gamers will get the handhelds but that market is marginalized by the smart phones like the iPhones. Even then it's not the same across the board for all handhelds, for example Nintendo is doing well because it's main target, young kids and early teens generally do not have smartphones.

UnwanteDreamz2548d ago

" With iPhone, you can play some really good games that are better than some console games."

AHAHahaha.....Bwahahaha...... . wait, you're serious? What horrible console games have you been playin?

TBM2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

sorry iphone but gaming on phones comes nowhere close to gaming on dedicated handhelds.

games made for handhelds>>>>>& amp; gt;>>>>>>> ; >>flash games and crap shovelware for phones.

dude i'm not just speaking about the iphone, but all phones (included my android one) i think they all suck period for gaming without proper controls.

with the way SE has been making games this gen (even though i like FF13) i wouldnt get my hopes up on that exclusive for iphone. also i game like tactics which i beat back on ps1 is simple for phones/tables since its just goes left/right, up/down pressing the screen.

one last thing iphone users are sooooooooooooo sensitive lol.

Rush2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

You like all the other ignorant anti Iphone pricks on this site have clearly never used one.

What crappy flash games, I don't play them on my Iphone.

Am currently waiting for a better version of The PSP Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions to be released on the App store this week.

I was also playing Chaos Rings Omega, a Iphone exclusive Square Enix J-RPG the other day.

And a couple of weeks before that Final Fantasy 3 on my Iphone the DS remake but remastered for the Retina display which make it look 5x better then the DS low res version.

UnwanteDreamz2548d ago

You name off one exclusive game and others you can play with an emulator giving you better controls. GTFO buddy why don't iPhone cheerleaders understand you can't beat something completely dedicated to gaming with your phone.

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cochise3132548d ago

I'm still buying a vita, screw touch screen controls.

BubbleSniper2548d ago

VITA has touch dude, lol. it supports so many different control schemes that the machine is capable of outdoing consoles on the gameplay front.

FlashXIII2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Until they release a good phone which offers some form of controller , I don't see them ever overtaking the vita or 3ds. Sony had a stab at releasing a phone which has a controller but the specs on the thing are poor which is showcased by the the fact it can only play certain ps1 games. Iphones and Androids have decent games but touch screen only controls are just annoying on proper decent games.

Madusha2548d ago

The iPod Touch is actually focused heavily these days towards mobile gaming than anything else. Apple said it themselves. ARM has said mobile devices will be getting PS3 and Xbox 360 graphics by 2013. ARM’s current T604 chip is capable of the graphics seen on Playstation 2 games and Xbox games.

UnwanteDreamz2548d ago

And that all amounts to sqat without proper controls.

TBM2548d ago

agreed 1000% i cant understand why people dont get that fact.

Madusha2548d ago

Very true. I've seen little addons for the iTouch and iPad that actually lets you attatch a joystick and d-pad for the devices but yes, not very easy to use.

Maybe they will find a way of combating this, though, if devices will be focused so heavily on gaming.

UnwanteDreamz2548d ago

When they do get it right it will be more gaming hanheld than phone.

iPhones = jack of all trades, master of none.

klecser2547d ago

The little addons you have seen are fictional and are drawn up by iOS fanboys. They realize that iOS gaming is going to suck until you can properly control what happens on screen. I played iOS games long enough to realize that they turned me into a moron gamer that is all thumbs that can't do what I need to do to have actual fun at the game. If you're a casual gamer, that is fine. But don't pretend that since your machine and games are trendy right now means that you are adequately challenged in the way that non-casual gamers want to be challenged.

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