DOOM 4 In Full Production? Details At QuakeCon | GameBlurb

GameBlurb, "id Software has confirmed that the highly anticipated DOOM 4 is in full production, as production for ID' latest game, RAGE, wraps up. DOOM 4 was first announced in 2008 but has been notably absent from the QuakeCons of recent years."

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RahatR2548d ago

reboot? Doom 3 was also a reboot...

wallis2548d ago

They haven't announced jack shit yet except that it's not a reboot, sequel, prequel or remake which leaves... well I don't really know what it leaves.

So long as it's a) first person b) got that great art direction that always makes id software's rendition of hell incredibly novel and interesting, c) colossal amounts of action and guns and d) the first class level and world design we've come to expect from id.

Oh yeah and e) Hell on Earth.

Just thinking about that and id's recent foray into open(ish) worlds makes me moist.

Septic2548d ago

Make it for next-gen consoles please! Doom 4 + new crazy tech + Carmack's genius = win.

rmedtx8882547d ago

I hope they do. I hate having to adjust settings on my computer for playing specific games. I've been trying to play the Doom 3 demo in my computer and it just doesn't work.

PattHpapong2548d ago

wouldve happened sooner or later, i guess

mrmancs2548d ago

the legend return's! all we want to accompany it , is a new quake!(i dont want much!!) :)

Perjoss2548d ago

This time with single player and not made by Raven, not that there was anything wrong with Quake 4, I'd just like Q5 with single player campaign and made by id.

2548d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.