Hitman: Absolution - You Better Watch Out (Hooked Gamers)

HG writes: "Five years since the series' last outing, a lot has changed in the industry and the fear that the influence of modern gaming aesthetics might adversely affect the game are well placed. Judging by the demo I was allowed to see, however, Hitman Absolution looks to be the comeback tour we’ve been wanting for so long."

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Dlacy13g2489d ago

Lets hope Hitman can return to greatness. I have very high hopes for this game. One of my all time favorite series.

iNFAMOUZ12489d ago

Me too, agreed, can't wait.

codergames2489d ago

My favorite too. The entire series was so original, the atmosphere very intense and unique. I also watched the movie and, while the movies is nothing even close to the game, it still is one of my favorites, because of the game.

Brownghost2489d ago

I've been waiting for this for sometime I loved playing the trilogy on my pc

Brownghost2489d ago

I love hitman an would rather get this than AC for funner and tactical gameplay and smarter AI actually making it hard and stealth actually matters PLEASE DON'T DUMB IT DOWN!!!!!

Brownghost2489d ago

Oh god that trailer was amazing hope have of what you do is possible in it

codergames2482d ago

Yeah, AC is nothing in comparison to a Hitman, unless you're looking for more action, less stealth stuff. The closest thing to a Hitman, in my opinion, is Splinter Cell, which is one of my favorites. The last one I played was a Double Agent. I know there's a sequel, but I'm just gonna wait some more, because I'm playing King's Quest 1 (the free remake) and, while it has nothing to do with what we're discussing here, it something I'm occupied with. It's not that bad for a free game.