Twisted Metal Embraces Its Fantastic Split-Screen Roots

Kotaku - So much has been made of Twisted Metal's campaign, its bloody, live-action storyline and online multiplayer that it might be easy to forget the game's amazing, couch-playing roots.

An accident of publicity planning reminded me of that last week. When I showed up to check out Sony's offerings in New York, Drew Bradford, the game's producer, warned me that they weren't going to be able to show off the game's online multiplayer because of some local networking issues.

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Flashwave_UK2492d ago

kotaku ??? ill get my info from ign before i give them a hit.

mrmancs2492d ago

for fun on-line i cant see much beating it i bet.

hilyou2492d ago

yes!!!! most games thesze days dont offer spilt screen, and if they do they dont offer 4 player spilt screen. its really really really good 2 hear that itll have spilt screen. really happy.