What If 3DS Bombs? (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): After more than two decades of handheld dominance, it's hard to imagine Nintendo losing its portable gaming throne. Game Boy, Game Boy Advance and DS were all universal success stories, selling in excess of 80 million units worldwide.

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a_bro2578d ago

its not going to bomb. But it will have competition this time.

Buff10442578d ago

It's some crazy competition...especially from the mobile side. Will be interesting to see what happens after Mario.

Canary2577d ago

DS had pretty stiff competition, too. For all it's hardship, the PSP managed to make one helluva comeback.

Anyway, the main reason for the success of the DS over the PSP was because it was easy to make games for, which brought about a LOT of third party support.

This time around, however, it seems as though the Vita may be the easier platform to develop for. Some developers have already jumped ship. Apparently, 3D ain't easy and it ain't cheap.

Then there's also the fact that the majority of the 3DS' high-profile titles are remakes/ports of older games from other consoles. The only glimmer of new content, at this point in time, is coming ONLY from Nintendo itself.

Right now, the future of the 3DS platform is very, very much in doubt. People who can't see that are blinded by fanboyism, and no better than the PSP fanboys who declared the DS dead once the PSP launched, purely on the merits of the hardware, overlooking entirely the pitiful library that took more than 2 years to accumulate a decent stock.

But in the end, it really doesn't fucking matter. Yes, the 3DS future doesn't look great right now. But you know what? Every console's future looks bleak in the first year. It's really not a point worth stressing or deliberating over unless you work in the industry. If you don't, you'd be better off ignoring this kind of fanboy-flashing, hit-baiting nonsense.

Xof2577d ago

The 3DS has already bombed.

It's being outsold by the DS/DSi/DSi XL.
Games are getting cancelled.
Most games are either 1st party rehashes or ports.

Just think about it: when was the last time you read a positive article about the 3DS?

Yeah: those haven't been common since the days and weeks before it launched.

The 3DS bombed. It may yet be a great system, it may even rival the original DS... but, yeah, it bombed.

Technical World2578d ago

I doubt it will bomb. There are so many people that buy Nintendo systems just for Mario and Zelda. Ocarina was a remake which I think shook away some people that didn't feel the need to play it again. But just wait for Kid Icarus and Mario to start polluting the system with tons of games. It will sell just fine. Not polluting but that's the only word I could think of.

And even if it does bomb for some crazy reason. Nintendo has had failures before. Everybody acts like if something fails on Nintendos part then the company is done for. That's not the case. Virtual Boy, Nintendo 64DD, and I don't remember the Game Boy Micro being very popular but correct me if I'm wrong. Why don't people get over the fact that Nintendo isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

live2play2577d ago

OoT 3D (pretty soon an original and majoras mask 3D)
starfox 64 3D (maybe later on an original)
paper mario
super mario
mario kart
kid icarus
luigis mansion 2
super smash bros.
eshop: mighty switch force, mutant mudds

those are just games we know of...
and i dont care if YOU dont like 3D I LOVE 3D! i love it as much as hd fans love their high resolution
no it doesnt give me headaches, makes my eyes melt or eye cancer... im not a pussy

it wont bomb for me

klecser2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

After the price drop and the promise of 20 games to early adopters I hope all of you haters will finally shut up and realize that Nintendo has a tad more business sense than that. Bombed already? You don't know your game history. EVERY new handheld system starts slow and it makes sense that it should. There is always a cheaper earlier generation still available that still attracts the consumer not gung-ho about getting the newest piece of tech.

Oh, and you're reading all of the "negative articles" about 3DS because some editor here thinks every Modojo article should be linked here when clearly he hates the 3DS.

charmer2569d ago

it will not bomb but im sure alot of haters want that so they can claim sony win and save face about psp losing....the 3ds will be on good ground after the holidays