Ignition Entertainment's Future in Flux

GP Editor, Jason Clement writes, "The Walt Disney Company is reportedly seeking to fully buy out UTV Software, which is the parent company of Ignition. Disney already owns 50.4% of the company, but has offered to buy the company in full for 454 million dollars.

The reason for the proposed acquisition lies mostly with UTV's reach in the realm of Bollywood films and TV shows, so a full takeover would mean all of that belongs to Disney. So where does this leave Ignition Entertainment?

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CrescentFang2582d ago

Damn... I mean I didn't like Ignition's dub for Arc Rise Fantasia, but they admitted their mistakes and they publish relatively niche games from time to time and I wouldn't want Disney to ruin any of this... El Shaddai is coming up too... It surprised me that Disney already owns like 50% of UTV...

BinaryMind2582d ago

What will happen to Shane "Man-God" Bettenhausen!?

banjadude2582d ago

UH oh... didn't Walt Disney shut down a few studios recently?

Quagmire2582d ago

Yup, Propaganda Studios, who made the decent Turok game, shitty Tron game (forced by Disney), and promising but cancelled Pirates of the Caribbean RPG (not linked to the films).

As well as shutting down Black Rock Studios, known for making the criminally underrated yet highly enjoyable Pure and Split/Second games, with a possibility of S/S2, which was canned when they went under.

banjadude2581d ago

I'm pretty bad at remembering names, so I'm glad you cleared that up.


Smacktard2582d ago

That'd be a damn shame! I loved Mercury Meltdown Revolution, Muramasa, and Metal Slug Anthology for the Wii. They've put out a few other great games as well.

tiffac2582d ago

Oh man it would be hard to see Ignition not localizing any JRPG's anymore. That would only leave us with Atlus, NIS and Xseed to put our hope onto.